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East India

The Union Territory  of Andaman and Nicobar Islands consisting of about 570 Islands (39 of which are inhabited) is situated in the Bay of Bengal. The Andaman group of islands consists  of North Andaman, Middle Andaman, South Andaman and Little Andaman besides many smaller islands. The Nicobar group of islands comprises of Great Nicobar, Car Nicobar, Nancowry, Katchal and Chowra. The headquarters of this Union Territory is at Port Blair which is situated in South Andaman Island. The topo - graphy of the islands is hilly and they abound in evergreen forests. The white sandy beaches have a backdrop of luxuriant greenery and in the blue waters of the lagoons enclosed by coral reefs is an underwater world full of fish of every possible variety.
Area: 8249                                      Altitude: 723 Mts.
Temperature: Max: 31 Deg. C.               Min: 23 Deg C.
Rainfall: 3080 mm (May to Oct)                Best season: Oct to May
STD Code: 03192
Air  :  Alliance Air connects Port Blair with Kolkata on Chennai  on Mumbai-Kolkata  Kolkata- Port  Blair Mumbai-Chennai Chennai-Port Blair 
Sea : Passenger ships are available to Port Blair from Kolkata (1236 km) and Chennai 
(1190 km), twice a month and from Vishakhapatnam (1200 km) once a month.     
The voyage takes about three/four days and the ships normally berth at Port Blair
for three days.   Chennai - Port Blair 56 hrs journey and Kolkata - Port Blair 66 hrs    
journey) The services are run by Shipping Corporation of India for both sectors 
and Directorate of Shipping Services for Port Blair -Chennai sector only.

Local Transport        : Bus services & Metered taxis are available in Port Blair.

Internal  Transport   : Port Blair is connected by road with Rangat (171 km) and Mayabunder (245 km), both in Middle Andaman, through the Andaman Trunk Road. The route goes through dense forest and the Jarawa Tribal Reserve. Tourists are not allowed to disembark in the reserved forest area.  There are  inter-island passenger cum cargo vessels  operating between Port Blair and other islands. Details regarding schedules can be obtained from the Directorate of Shipping Services, Port Blair,.

For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

The Tourism Department, Andaman and Nicobar operates tours from the Andaman Teal House, Delanipur, Port Blair,
  Places covered   Duration Adult Child
  MG Marine National Park,Wandoor.   Daily at 0830hrs (By Bus) Rs.100/- Rs.50/-
  Wandoor-Red Skin   Daily at 1000hrs(By Boat) Rs.90/- Rs.45/-
  Wandoor-Jolly Buoy   Daily at 1000hrs (By Boat) Rs.125/- Rs.60/-
  Wandoor Beach(Via Sipighat Agriculture farm & Rubber Plantation)   Daily at 0900hrs (By Bus) Rs.100/- Rs.50/-
  City Tour (Chatham Saw Mill, Mini Zoo, Samudrika,Anthropological Museum,Cellular   Jail, Cottage Industries Emporium.)   Daily at 0830 & 1200 hrs (By Bus) Rs.50/- Rs.25/-
  Corbyn's Cove Beach   0830 & 1700 hrs (By Bus) Rs.50/- Rs.25/-
  Chidiya Tapu Sylvan Sands beach and sun set view point.   0900 & 1500 hrs (By Bus) Rs.100/- Rs.50/-
  Water Sports Complex & Gandhi Park   Daily at 1500 hrs (By Bus) Rs.50/- Rs.25/-
  Mount Harriet   Daily at 0830 hrs (By Bus) Rs.150/- Rs.75/-
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
(* Hotels approved by the Department of Tourism, Govt. of India.)
*Welcomgroup Bay Island*****  Marine Hill, Peerless Resort COrbyn's Cove, Hotel Sinclairs Bay View South Point,
Hotel Sentinel  Phoenix Bay, Hotel Shompen 2, Middle Point,

Other Hotels
Hotel Abhishek, Goalghar, Atlanta Cottage, near Cellular Jail, Hotel Blair, Hindi Sahitya Kala Parishad Complex, Hotel Dhanalakshmi Pvt. Ltd., Aberdeen Bazaar, Gem Continental, Gol Ghar, Holiday Resort, Prem Nagar, N.K. International Hotel, Seashore Road,

Other Accommodation
The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.100-350/- for a double room:
Anand Lodge, Haddo,; Hotel Bengal K.P., Aberdeen Bazaar; Central  Lodge, Goalghar, Jagannath Guest House, Phoenix Bay, Hotel Kavitha, Aberdeen Bazaar, K K Guest House, Aberdeen Bazaar; Mangrove Bay Resort, Wandoor, Ram Niwas Lodge, Aberdeen Bazaar, Sagar Alok Lodge, Aberdeen  BazaarSampat Lodge, Aberdeen Bazaar,; Hotel Shah N Shah, Mohan Pura.; Hotel Shalimar, Delanipur,
Jungle Resort, Radha Nagar, Havelock, Coconut Groves Eco-friendly huts, Havelock :Palm Grove Eco Resort (with Tree Top Huts), Brichgunj chowk, Prothrapur,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Govt. Accommodation                                                        
Andaman Teal House, Delanipur, Dolphin Resort, Havelock Island, Horn Bill Nest, Corbyn's Cove, Hawksbill Nest, Cutbert Bay, Rangat, Hawabill Nest, Neil Island, Swiflet Nest, Karmatang, Mayabunder, Turtle Resort,
Tourist Home***,  Haddo,Megapode Nest***, Municipal Lodging House, Aberdeen Bazaar, Municipal Dharamsala, Aberdeen Bazaar, Municipal Guest House, Delanipur,
Youth Hostel, Netaji Stadium.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Port Blair
Aberdeen War Memorial : A 3 mt. high structure, built to commemorate the Battle of Aberdeen, fought between the British and the Andamanese aborigines in 1859.
Andamans Water Sports Complex : It has facilities for both, safe and adventure water
sports, such as Rowing, Paddle & Sail Boats, Water Cycles, Scooters & Skis, etc.. 
Open 1230 to 1700 hrs.(Mon to Sat) and from 0830 to 1700 hrs. (Sun and holidays). 
Anthropological Museum : It depicts the life of the paleolithic islanders. Open daily except Mondays/Holidays from 1030 to 1300 hrs. and 1300 to 1630 hrs..
Cellular Jail: A three storeyed prison, constructed by the Britishers in 1906. Dedicated to the nation as a National Memorial, this Cellular Jail  houses a spectacular Sound and Light Show both in English and Hindi, besides a Museum and Art Gallery. Timings : 0900 to 1200 hrs. and 1400 to 1700 hrs. Sound  & Light Show: All days Hindi:1800 hrs., English : 1900 hrs.,subject  to weather conditions.
Chatham Saw Mill : This saw mill is one of the biggest and oldest in Asia. Open daily (except Sun and Holidays)6.30 to 10.30a.m.& 11a.m to 3.p.m.(with special permission).
Corbyn's Cove Beach: One of the most picturesque sea beaches, it is ideal for sea-bathing and sun basking. 
Forest Museum : It has on display decorative pieces made of rare species of wood.
Gandhi Park  (Dilthaman Tank) : Once the source of drinking water in Port Blair, it is now developed into a Park complex with a Children's Park, Amusement Park , Water Sports facilities, Japanese Temple, Nature Walk, etc. Open daily from 0500 to 2100 hrs., Water Sports from 0800 to 2000 hrs., & Amusement Park from 1600 to 2000 hrs.
Marine Museum: With its display of about 350 specise of sea life and rare varieties of coral, the museum reflects the enormous marine life and wealth  submerged in the waters of these islands. Open on all days except Mondays.
Samudrika  (Naval Museum) : Set up by the Indian Navy, this museum creates an awareness of the various aspects of oceanic environment and educates on the scientific methods to protect and conserve marine life. Timings : 0900 to 1230 hrs. & 1400 to 1730 hrs. Closed on Sundays.
Zoological Garden & Mini Zoo : The garden has some of the rare species of birds and animals found
only on these islands. The Mini Zoo specialises in the rearing of salt water crocodiles. Timings : 0900 to 1730 hrs. Closed on Mondays.

South Andaman Island
Chidia Tapu: 26 kms from Port Blair, Chidia Tapu generally known as Birds Island,  is situated at the Southern most tip of South Andaman.
Cinque Island: The island has 4 dominating hillocks seperated by narrow passages of sandy beaches. The sea around Cinque Island is ideal for water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, wind surfing, etc.. The island has been declared a sanctuary.
Havelock Island: About 38 kms away from Port Blair, this island provides an idylic resort
in the lap of beautiful virgin beaches and unpolluted environment.
Jolly Buoy & Red Skin Islands: These two islands are situated in the M G Marine National Park and offer a breath taking under water view of coral and marine life.
Madhuban : A trekking area, rich in flora and fauna and a variety of endemic butterflies.
Mount Hariet: Once the summer headquarters of the Chief Commissioner during British Rule, it is an ideal place for trekking.Situated 45 kms away  by road from Port Blair (15 kms by ferry and road) Mount Hariet is the highest peak in South  Andaman.
Neil Island: 32 km from Port Blair, it is a beautiful island with green forest, sandy beaches, rich in coral and marine life.
Ross Island:Once the seat of British power and capital of these  islands, it stands now
as a ruin with it's old structures almost in debris. Boat services to this island are  available from Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair.Open daily except Wed. from 8am to 2pm.
Viper Island : Once a prison for convicts, now a pleasant picnic spot.
Wandoor & Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park : Wandoor, 30 km from Port Blair, is an ideal spot with a pleasant stretch of beach and crystal clear waters. The Andaman Scuba Diving Society is based here. Declared a National Marine Park (Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park), it offers a marvellous opportunity to explore the rich and exotic underwater marine life.

Middle Andaman Island
Rangat :In the southern part of Middle Andaman, famous for the Cutburt Bay Beach.
Mayabunder : It provides an ideal holiday in an unpolluted environment and rare scenic beauty. Among the three beaches nearby viz, Rampur, Polhadera and Karmatang the last one is also a turtle nesting ground.

North Andaman Island
Diglipur: It provides a rare experience of sea, sun and fun for eco-friendly tourists. The Saddle peak, the highest in Andamans is located nearby. Diglipur is connected by boat from Port Blair and can be reached by road from Mayabunder as well.

Nicobar Islands : Comprising of 28 islands, The Nicobar group of islands is seperated from the Andamans by the Ten Degree Channel. These islands abound in palm, coconut and casurina trees. The sea around sports a variety of fish and the islands are home to rare species of birds.
Great Nicobar is the largest island of this group and Pygmalion Point, now known as Indira Point, is the southern most tip of the islands. Nancowry Island has a perfect natural harbour, offering land locked shelter to ships.   
Car Nicobar : The northern most island in the Nicobar group, Car Nicobar has a flat topography and long narrow stretches of sandy beaches.

Founded by the Kalachuri King Ram Chandra of Ratanpur during the last quarter of the 14th century AD, Raipur is now the capital of the newly formew state of Chhattisgarh. Raipur is the biggest city in the region and a fast developingt industrial center.
Area :  65 Sq. Km.
Altitude: 298. Mt.
Temperature : Summer : Max: 42.0°C Min: 26.0°C
Winter : Max:26.0°C  Min: 12.0°C
Season : July to March
STD Code: 0771
Air : Raipur is connected by Indian Airlines flights with Bhubaneshwar, Delhi, Mumbai and Nagpur. Mumbai – Raipur
Rail : Raipur is connected by rail with major cities and towns in India.
Road : Raipur is connected by motorable roads with Bhilai(25Km), Bhopal(712Km), Bilaspur(115Km), Durg(41Km), Jabalpur(369Km), Jagadpur(297Km).
(*hotels approved by the dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India)
*Hotel Mayura*** G.E. Road,                   
Hotel Midtown*** M.G. Road,                
Hotel Amit Moti Baug Chowk,
Hotel Allnear M.G Road,                              
Hotel Babylon International Rajiv Gandhi Marg,
Hotel Celebration  Opp. Gani Thane, Jail Road,  
Hotel Kanishka ,Hotel Piccadily G.E.Road,

Other Hotels
Tarrif of the following hotels range from Rs.150-400/- for a single room and Rs.200-600/- for a double room.
Hotel Ajanta near Railway Station.
Hotel Anupam Palace, K.K. Road,
Hotel Apsara, Jayastambha Chowk,
Hotel Devika,
Hotel Ellora,
Hotel Mahendra, Kacheri Chowk,;
Hotel Mangalam, Agrasen Chowk,
Hotel Meera, M.G. Road,
Hotel Poonam, Jayastambha Chowk,
Hotel Prakash Palace, Ring Road-1,
Hotel Radhika, Hotel Sharda, Jail Road,
Hotel Trimurti, Station Road,
Hotel Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh Tourism)  Paryatan Bhavan, I.G. Marg,

Places of Interest
Buda Talaab, Dhudhari Mandir, Mahakoshal Kala Vithika, Mahant Ghasi Das Smarak Museum, Moti Baag, Vivekanda Ashram.

Bhilai(24Km): It is an industrial township which has one of the biggest steel plants in India.
Arang(34Km): Situated on the Raipur-Sambhalpur National  Highway, Arang is famous for its temples, the main one being an 11th century Jain Temple.
Durg(39Km): It is a district Head Quarter and an industrial town.
Accomodation : (STD Code: 0788): Hotel Dixit, Moti Para, (Rs.125-250/-); Hotel Green, Green Chowk, (Rs.125-250/-); Hotel Jalaram, (Rs.125-350/-); Hotel Jain, Indira Market, Rs.(100-150/-); Hotel Vani, Near Rly Station, (Rs.150-300/-); Hotel Vijay International, Near Rly Station, (Rs.300-600/-)
Champ ran(60Km. via Arang): This town is identified with Champaranya, the birth place of Saint Vallabhacharya, the reformer and founder of Vallabh Sect. There are two important temples here , dedicated to Saint Vallabh and Champakeshwara Mahadeva. An annual fair is held here in the month of Magh (Jan / Feb). the birth anniversary of the Saint is celebrated on the eleventh bright day of Baisakhi (April / May).
Accomodation: Two well furnished dharamshalas with a total of 152 rooms are available. PWD Resthouses are also available at the nearby towns of Arang (25 Km) and Rajim (10 Km.) Resvn: S.D.O., PWD (B & R), Areang and Rajim respectively.
Sirpur or Shirpur (78 Km): Erstwhile capital of the Sarbhapuriya and Somavanshi Kings of Dakshin Kosala or Chhattisgarh, It was an important Buddhist center from the 06th to 10th Century AD and was visited by Hieun Tsang, the Chinese Scholar in the 7th Century. Excavastions in and arounf the town have yielded scores of  temple sites with extremely good Buddhist, Hindu and Jain Sculptures. Places of Interest in Shirpur include, Anand Premkuti Vihar, Chandi Temple, Gandheshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, RadhaKrishna Temple, Ram Temple, Swastik Vihara Monastery, etc.
Accomodation: PWD  Rest House, Kosaria Patel Samaj Dharamshala and Nai Dharamshala.
Turtutiya (99Km): This place is of great archaeological and anthropological interest and is located 24 Km. from Sirpur. Accomodation: PWD Rest House at Sirpur and Balodabazar. Resvn. S.D.O, PWD (B & R), Sirpur and Baladobazar respectively.
Kawardha (116 Km): Kawardha has been connected with the Kabir Panth movement. Old Kawardha has the remains of the fort built by King Rajpal Singh.
Bhoramdeo (131 Km): It is referred to as the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh. The Bhoramdeo temples scenically situated amidst mountain ranges, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Ther temples were built by King Ramchandra of the Nag Dynasty and have a special attraction for the lovers of history and archaelogy. At a distence of 5 Km in the palaces of Manwa and Madanmanjiri one can see beautifully carved erotic sculptures similar to those of Khajuraho.
Ratanpur (136 Km):  situated 25 Km from Bilaspur,at one time this ancient city was the capital of Kalchuri Kings. The famous Mahamaya Temple, the ruins of a fort and the Kadiedeol Shiva Temple dating back to the 12th century can be seen here.
Kanker (140 Km): formerly a princely state, the palace here are partially been converted into the Hotel. This placew offers an excellent opportunity to explore and experience the tribal culture of this region.
Lutrasheriff (143 Km): Located 32 Km from Bilaspur, Lutrasheriff is an important pilgrim center for Muslims which has been the tomb of Hazrat Baba Sayyad, a Muslim Sufi Saint.
Champa (159 Km): The largest town of Janjgir district, situated on the banks of the river Hasdeo, Champa is the most famous center for the Tussar Silk or Kosa Weaving Industry.
Malhar (159 Km): This place is important from archaeological and historical point of view and several hindu and jain temples were unearthed here.
eskal (168 Km): It is a scenic spot and offers a spectacular view of the valley below.
Girodhpuri (191 Km): It is the birth place of a Saint Tulsidas and an important pilgrim center of the satnami samaj. It is 12 kms from Seorinarayan and 80 kms from Bilaspur.
Seorinarayan (206 Km): Situated 95 Kms from Bilaspur, It is associated with th e legend of Lord Ram and Shabri. This is also the place where rivers Mahanadi and Shivnath meet. There is an old 10th / 11th century. Kalchuri tempe here. It is a very important religious center and is considered by some to be even more sacred than the temple of Lord Jagannath in Puri.

The land of tribal and natural resources is also enriched with natural beauty. Bastar region lays 282 Kms south of Raipur with Jagdalpur as its HeadQuarter. Bastar is th focal point for tourists due to its natural beauty. The green vallies, rivers, teak and sal forests, wild animals, caves, waterfalls, temples, folk dances and music and tribal handicrafts attract the tourists and make it one of the most important eco-tourism destinations of the country.
Jagdalpur, the headquarters of the Bastar district is a small developing town and is a good base to visit the surrounding villages to see the life and culture of the tribes.
Area: 8.50 Sq. Km                         Altitude : 1824 Ft.
Temperatue: Summer Max :41.0° C  Min: 31.0° C
WinterMax: 17.5° C  Min: 12.0° C
Season : September to March.     STD Code: 07782

Air: The nearest airport to Jagdalpur is Raipur (282 Km).
Rai: Jagdalpur is connected by rail with Vishakhapatnam only.
Road: Jagdalpur is connected by motorable roads with Badrachalam (266 Km), Kirandu (144 Km), Koraput (106 Km), Raipur (282 Km), Vishakhapatn am (308 Km).
Hotel Akanksha, Moti Talaab Paara, (Rs. 250 – 750/-);
Hotel Akash, near Collectors Office, (Rs. 125 – 600/-);
Anand Lodge, Gurudwara Road, (Rs.200 – 590/-);
Hotel Apsara, Thakur Road, (Rs.80 – 175/-);
Hotel Atithi, near New Bus Stand, (Rs.175-450/-);
Hotel Gaurav, Gurudwara Road, (Rs.75-250/-);
Hotel Gopika, near Chandni Chowk, (Rs.120-450/-);
Hotel Poonam, Circuit House Road, (Rs.75-525/-);
Hotel Rainbow, Palace road, (Rs.250-1100/-);
Udupi Srikrishna Lodge, Nayanpura, (Rs.60-125/-).
Danteshwari Temple, Bastar Palace, Anthropological Museum, Weekly Village Market.
Kanger valley National Park (30 Km): Covering an area of 200 sq. Km., this park derive its name from the Kanger river which flows throughout its length. There are many scenic spots along this perennial stream. This valley is infact one of the last pockets of almost virgin forests still left in the peninsular region. The park fauna consists of tiger, panther, wildcat, cheetal, sambhar, barking deer, wild pig, jackal, langur, rhesus, macaque, sloth bear, etc. The  period Feb to June is the best period to visit the Park.
Chitrakoot Waterfalls (38 Km): This gorgeous waterfall is situated at a spot where river Indravati has a fall of 100 feet. July to September is the best season to visit these falls.
Tirathgarh Waterfalls (35 Km): Situated in t he Kanger Valley National Park, this waterfall drops from a height of 100 feets.
Kutumsar Caves (40 Km) & Kailash Caves (40 Km): Located in the Kanger Valley National Park, these caves are famous for stalactite and stalagmite form actions.
Kondagaon (65 Km): Famous for its terracota crafts such as decorative pots, etc.
Dantewada (82 Km): Famous for the ancient and historical temple of Goddess Danteshwari.
Basrur (90 Km): Basrur in Dantewada district is where many archaeologiocal remains of the past can be seen. This place is also famous for its natural beauty.
Baliadila (111 Km): Situated 29 Km from the Dantewada, Bailadila is famous for its Iron Ore mines.
Narayanpur (117 Km): It is famous for Bastar’s finest handicrafts. One can also get to see the artists at work here.
Indravati National Park (168 Km): Bordering Maharashtra, thisd sanctuary is situated north west of Jagdalpur. It covers an area of 2273.5 Sq. Km and is home to wild life such as wild buffalo, tiger, panther, gaur, etc. The nearest Airport to the park is Raipur (486Km.) and the railhead is Jagdalpur (168 Km). January to April is the best time visit the park.
Bodhgaya is a sacred place of Buddhist all over the world. It was here that Lord Buddha medidated under the Tree (Peepal) and attained enlightenment. On this sacred spot now stands the Mahabodhi Temple. Gaya, 16 Km from the Bodhgaya is a sacred place for Hindus.
Area: 3 Sq. Km                          Altitude: 113 Metres
Temperature: Summer           Max: 47 °C   Min: 28 °C
Winteer Max: 28° C               Min: 4 °C

Air: Nearest Airport is Gaya 16 Km. However the convenient airport is Patna(185 Km), connected by Indian Airlines with Kolkata, Delhi, Lukhnow, Mumbai and Ranchi. Fare: Mumbai – Patna,
Rail: The nearest Railhead is Gaya, 16 Km.
Road : Bodhgaya is connected by road with Gaya 16 Km, Kolkata 482
Km, Nalanda 95 Km, Rajgir 85 Km, Patna 185 Km, Varanasi 245 Km.
Bus Service: Daily Bus Service connect Bodhgaya with Gaya, Patna, Nalanda,
Rajgir, Varanasi, etc.
Local Transport: Cycle Rickshaws, Tongas, Auto Rickshaws are available.
(* Approved by the Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India)
(Tarrif of the following Hotels ranges between Rs.1000-3000/-)
Lotus Nikko Hotel ,
* The Royal Residency***, Dumuhan Road,
* The Buddha International,
Hotel Niranjan, Sujata Guest House,
Hotel Sashi International, Near Thai Temple,
Siddhartha’s Lumbini,
(Tarrif of the following Hotels ranges between Rs.500-1000/-)
Hotel Shanti Buddha, near Thai Temple,
Rahul Buddha Monastery and Guest House, Mandir Marg,
Hotel Embassy, near Thai Temple,

Other Accomodations
Hotel Buddha Vihara (BSTDC), , Tarrif: Dorm: Rs.100/-
Hotel Sujata Vihar (BSTDC),
Siddhartha Vihara(BSTDC), (Rs.400-600/-).
Mahabodhi Society, (Non  A/c Rs.200/-)
Pilgrims Resthouse, opp. Mahabodhi Temple, (Dormitory: Rs.40/- per bed);
Youth Hostel, Rs.10/- per bed.
Dharamshalas: (No charge but donations are accepted).
Birla Dharamshala, Burmese Monastery, Chinese Monastery, International Buddhist House and Japanese Temple, Tibetan Monastery and Thai Monastery.

Animeshlochan Chaitya: Bodhi Tree; Buddhist Monastery of Bhutan; The Burmese Temple; The Chinese Temple & Monastery; Mahabodhi Temple – The greatest and the most sacred shrine to the glory of Lord Buddha marked by stone lotuses and a soaring tower with different aspects of the Buddha depicted on it’s walls; International Buddhist House & Japanese Temple; Mohanta’s Monastery, Rajnagar; The Bodhgaya Archaeological Museum – Houses an interesting collection of stone and teracotta statues of Buddha dating from 1st Century B.C. to 11th Century A.D; Thai Temple & Monastery and the Tibetan Monastery (0800-1200 Hrs & 1400-1800 Hrs).
Maitraiya Project: A magnificient Bronze statue of future Buddha. Maitraiya will tower the complex. When completed the statue will stand 152.4 Mts (500 Ft.) making it the tallest.
Muchalinda Lake (3 Kms.): Here the Buddha was given protection by the Snake King. Muchalinda against the thunder and rain sent by the Asuras to disturb his meditation; Magadha University (2 Kms.): An international university & center for studies; Dungeshwari (12 Kms. by foot and 35 Kms. by road): It is said that Prince Siddhartha (Lord Buddha) rested here during his jorney to Bodhgaya.
GAYA (16 Kms.)
Gaya is sacred to the hindus for it is believed that offerings at the temples and shrines of Gaya will protect one’s ancestors and save the recently dear ones from the cycle of birth and rebirth. At the foot of the Brahmbhyoni Hill here, is the original Akshyabat or Banyan Tree. The other places of interest in Gaya are Surya Temple, Vishnupal Temple and a museum, noted for it’s archaeological exhibits.
Hotel Siddhartha International Stn. Road.              Rs. 700-1000/-                  Rs.1000-1500/-
Hotel Ajatshatru, St. Road,                                         Non A/C Rs.175/-              Rs.300-400/-                  `                                             
Hotel Buddha, Stn. Road,                                             Non A/C   -----                     Rs.700-800/-

For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Founded in the 5th Century A.D., Nalanda is known as the ancient seat of lewarning. The worlds most ancient University lies here, in ruins. Emperor Ashoka built many Monasteries, Temples and Viharas here.
Area: 41 Sq. Km.                  Altitude: 67 Mts.
Temperature: Summer       Max: 37.8° C                                    Min: 17.8° C
Wintere Max: 27.8° C         Min: 10.6° C
Rainfall: 120 Cms.                Besat Season: Oct. – March.        STD Code: 06112

Air:The nearest Airport is Patna 100 Kms. Indian Airlines connect Patna with Kolkata, Delhi, Lukhnow, Mumbai and Ranchi. Fare: Mumbai – Patna:
Rail: Though Rajgir (12 Kms.) is the most nearest Railway Station, Gaya (78 Kms.) is the most convenient Railhead. Fare: Mumbai –
Road: Nalanda is connected by good motorable road with Bihar Sharif 13 Kms., Bodhgaya 90 Kms., Patna 100 Kms., & Rajgir 12 Kms.
Nalanda Rest House, Rs.50/- (Double Room), Resvn.: SDO, PWD, Bihar Sharif, (Primarily for Govt. Officials on Duty), Pali Institute Hostel, Rashbehari Vidyalaya, Student Hostel (For Students Only).
Dharamshalas      : There are Dharamshalas with dormitory tpe accommodation. (No
Charges). Donations are accepted.
 For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall – Built in memory of the famous Chinese pilgrim and writer who came to India in the 7th Century A.D; The Nalanda University Complex; The Nalanda Museum with a small but beautiful collection of Buddhist and Hindu Bronzes and a number of undamaged statues of the Buddha that were found in the area, Timings : 1000-1700 Hrs, Closed on Friday; Nava Nalanda – Mahavira Research Institute which also has rare Buddhist Manuscripts; Swarajpur Baragaon – A Sun Temple built on the shores of a large lake. Excavations at Nalanda Entrance: Rs.5/-(Indians), US $ 2(Foreigners)
Bihar Sharif (13 Kms.): It was once the capital of the Muslim rulers of Bihar and a center of Islamic culture from the 13th to the 16th Centuries.
Rajgir is the sacred to the memory of the founders of both Buddhism and Jainism, since it is associated with Lord Buddha as well as Lord Mahavira. It was here that the first Buddhist Council was held and Lord Buddha delivered some of his sermons. Lord Mahavira also meditated in Rajgir.
Area:25 Sq. Km. Altitude:67.06 Mts.
Temperature:Summer Max:45° C Min:20° C
WinterMax: 28° C Min: 6° C
Rainfall: 186 Cms (Mid- June to Mid- September)
Best Season: October to March. STD Code: 06112
Air : The nearest Airport is Patna 101 Kms. Indian Airlines connects Patna with Kolkata, Delhi, Lukhnow, Mumbai and Ranchi.
Rail : The most convenient Railhead is at Gaya, 34 Kms. Fare: Mumbai – Gaya : A/C II Tier: Rs.2009/-; II Class: Rs.477/-
Road : Rajgir is connected by road with Bihar Sharif 25 Kms, Bodhgaya 50 Kms., Nalanda 12 Kms., Patna 102 Kms. & Pawapuri 38 Kms.
(* Approved by Department of Tourism, Govt. of India)
Indo-Hokke Hotel***(US $ 86-210)
Hotel Hill Queen, Rajgir Bus Stand,;
Hotel Mamta,;
Hotel Rajgir,
Hotel Siddhartha, Rajgir Kund,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Hotel Gautam Vihar (BSTDC), near Rly. Stn., (Rs.600/-);
Ajatashatru Vihar (BSTDC), (Dorm. Rs.50/-);
Hotel Tathagata Vihara (BSTDC), (Rs.500-600/-).
Ajatashatru’s Fort; Amarvan or Jivakas Mango Garden; Bimbisaras Jail; The Chariot Route and Shell Inspections; The Cyclopean Wall; Jain Temples; The Karnada Tank; The Hot Water Springs – The hottest of the springs is the Brahmakundi with a temperature of 45° C; The Maniyar Math; Peepal Cave or Watch Tower; Ranabhumi – The battlefield where Bhima and Jarasandha fought; Shatakarni Caves; Swarna Bhandar; Veluvana Vihara and the Vishwa Shanti Stupa.
Kundalpur (18 Kms.) : Although Lord Mahavira is known to have been born close to Vaishali, The Digambar sect of the Jains maintain that he was born at Kundalpur.
Swarajpur Bargaon (18 Km) : Known for itrs lake with the temple dedicated to Surya, the Sun God twice a year in Vaishakha (April-May) and Kartika (Oct-Nov), it is it is the venue for the hhat Puja or the Sun Worship.
Bihar Sharif (25 Kms.) : Attracts thousands of pilgrims of all religions who visit the tomb of Makdum Shah Sharif-ud-din, a Muslim Saint of the 14th Century.Pawapuri (38 Kms.) : Also known as “Appapuri” the sinless town, this place is an important Jain pilgrim center. It was here that Lord Mahavira delivered his last sermon and was cremated at the site where the Jalmandir is located. The places of interest include Jalmandir, which lies in the middle of the large lotus tank. Samosharan, the holy site where Mahavira is believed to have delivered his laast sermon, and some jain caves.
Vaishali, 55Kms. from Patna was in ancient times, the capital city of the Lichhavis, one of the first in the world to adopt a republican form of government. Lord Buddha preached his last last sermons here and Ashoka raised a lion column to commemorate it. In AD 383 the second Buddhist Council met here and two stupas were erected to recall the assembly. Vaishali is also the birthplace of Lord Mahavira (527 B.C.) therefore it is sacred to Jains.
Altitude : 52 Mts.
Best Season : Oct – Mar.
Temperature : Summer      Max : 44° C    Min : 21° C
Winter Max : 23° C    Min : 6° C
Rainfall : 120 Cms.
STD Code : 06425
Air: The nearest airport is Patna 56 Kms. connected by Indian Airlines to Kolkata, Delhi, Lukhnow, Mumbai and Ranchi.
Rail: Hajipur (35 Kms.) on the North Eastern Railway is the nearest railhead.
Road: Vaishali is connected by the road to Patna 55 Kms., Muzaffarpur 36 Kms and Hajipur 35 Kms.
Tourist Rest House, Main Road, (Rs.60-100/-); PWD Rest House. Resvn: The Manager, Tourist Bungalow, Beer Chand Patel Marg, Patna,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Ashoka Pillar at Kolhua – erected by the emperor Ashoka, to commemorate the spot where the Buddha preached his last sermon; Bhavan Pokhar Temple and the Harikota Temple; Buddha Stupa I; Buddha Stupa II; Chaumukhi Mahadeva; Coronation Tank; Jain Temple; Kundupur – A small inscribed marble plaque stands in commemorative where Mahavir Jain was born; Miranji ka Durgah; Raja Vishal ka Garh; Vaishali Museum and the Venkateshwara Temple (Shive Temple). Entrance Rs.5/-(Indians) US $ 2 (Foreigners).
The Jain Prakrit Institute offers a place of study for researchers interested in Jainology and Prakrit, one of the spoken language of Northern India in ancient times. The Vaishali Sangha was organized in 1945 to encourage studies & research relating to Vaishali. There is a temple built by the local Buddhist Sangha.
Muzaffarpur (34 Kms.): This town is situatyed on the southern tank of the river Burhi Gandhak. The town was founded by the Muzaffarpur Khan, a Seneral ofEmperor Ashoka.
Accomodation Hotel Lichhavi (BSTDC), (Rs.300-600/-)
Sonepur (35 Kms.): A Hindu pilgrim center, famous for a cattle fair which takes place every year on Kartik Purnima Day. It is the largest cattle fair of Asia.
Accomodation: Tourist Rest House (BSTDC), Typical swiss type cottages during the fair, 25 Kms. from Patna.
(160 kms from Bodhgaya & 84 Kms from Dhanbad):
It is its name from the 23rd Jain Tirthankar, Sri Parasnath, who attained Nirvana here. This place is also called Samet Sachar. It is the highest hill in the province (4,431 Feet above Sea level). Both the Shwetambhars & Digambars Jains have their beautiful temples here, at the foot of the hills in Madhuban. It is believed that out of the 24 Tirthankars of Jains, 22 Tirthankars attained Nirvana here. The woodlands, hilly scenery and the panomoric view from the top are very beautiful.
Air : The nearest Airport is Ranchi (170 Kms.) connected by Indian Airlines with Mumbai, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata, Delhi and Patna.Fare : Mumbai-Ranchi :
Rail : Pareasnath is a railhead connected with Kolkata and Gaya (306 Kms. & 152 Kms) respectively. Nimlaghat which is near the foot hill is also a railhead (12 Kms. The other convenient Rly Stn. is Dhanbad (84 Kms.)
Road : Parasnath isa connected by Road with Bodhgaya 160 Kms. Kolkata 399 Kms., Chennai 1547 Kms., Delhi 1160 Kms., Giridh 36 Kms., Madhuban 15 Kms., Patna 282 Kms., & Pawapuri 220
A convenient way of reaching the hill by car is from Dumri 20 Kms. The raod up the hill can be covered on foot or by jeep.
Dharamshalas are available at Giridh, Rujuwalika (12 Kms from Giridh), Madhuban and Guniyaji.
Accomodation at Dhanbad (* Hotels approved by Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India)
Hotel Black Rock***         A/C                    Rs.995/-             Rs.1195/-
Katesaria Centre              Non A/C             Rs.495/-             Rs.695/-
Hotel SkyLark***              A/C                    ---                        Rs.1500/-
Bank More,
 For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Other Accomodations in Dhanbad
Hotel Ratan Vihar (BSTDC), New Block, (Non A/C Rs.250/-)
Hotel Ratan Vihar (Old Block), (Rs.400-600/-)
Samosaran Temple; Bhomia Baba Temple; Parasvanath Temple – at the summit of the
hill, 3 Kms from Madhuban; Rajdhara Reservoir.
Known earlier as Patliputra, Kusumpura or Pushpapura, which means the city of flowers, the capital of Bihar is among the worlds oldest capital with unbroken history of many centuries as an imperial metropoils. Patna also has the distinction of being the birthplace of tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Govind Singh, who wasa born in this city in 1766.
Area : 80 Sq. Km.
Altitude : 53 Mts.
Temperature : Summer   Max : 43° C    Min : 21° C
Winter Max : 20° C          Min : 6° C
Rainfall : 120 Cms.
Best Season : October to March
STD Code : 0612
Air : Indian Airlines connects Patna with Mumbai, Kolkata, Ranchi, Delhi and Lukhnow.
Fare : Mumbai – Patna:
Rail : Patna is connected by rail with Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Ranchi and Varanasi.
Fare : Mumbai – Patna:
Road : Patna is well connected by road with Bodhgaya 179 Kms., Kolkata 556 Kms., Delhi 1015 Kms., Gaya 172 Kms., Muzaffarpur 72 Kms., Nalanda 90 Kms., Pawapuri 90 Kms., Rajgir 102 Kms.,
Rajgir 102 Kms., Ranchi 335 Kms., Raxaul 210 Kms., Sasaram 152 Kms., Vaishali 56 Kms., Mumbai 1802 Kms.
BSTDC operates tours from it’s office at Beerchand Patel Path, Patna – 1, The city tour of Patna leaves BSTDC office daily at 0800 Hrs. and returns at 1600 Hrs. Fare: Rs.250/- per head. (Byy Car – Min. 4 Persons). Kolkata Water Falls daily excursion from 0700 Hrs. Rs.350/- Non A/C coach. In addition, BSTDC also conducts tours of Gaya, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali etc and organizes package circuit tours such as Pilgrim Circuit, Tirthankar Circuit, Buddhist Circuit, Nature Circuit and Wild Life Circuit aubject to minimum required number of passengers.
(* Approved by the Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India)
                                                                             Single                          Double
*Maurya Patna*****                                   Rs.2300-3400/-           Rs.3000-3700/-
South Gandhi Maidan.
*Hotel Chanakya****                                  Rs.1500-2500/-           Rs.200-3100/-
Beerchand  Patel Path,
*Hotel Patliputra Ashok***(ITDC)            Rs.2200/-                     Rs.3200-4200/-
Birchand Patel Path,
*Hotel Samrat International***                Rs.1100-1400/-           Rs.1250-3000/-
Fraser Road,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Other Hotels:
Hotel Anand Regency, Station Road, (Sgl. Rs.250-850/-, Dbl. Rs.325-1000/-);
Hotel Bobs, Jamal (SDgl. Rs.200-450/-, Dbl. Rs.300-550/-);
Hotel Mamta, Fraser Road, (Sgl. Rs.300-650/-, Dbl. Rs.500-900/-);
Marwari Awas Griha, Fraser Road,;
Hotel President, Off. Fraser Road, (Sgl. Rs.450-750/- Dbl. Rs.500-950/-);
Hotel Rajasthan, Fraser Road, (Rs.500-800/-); Hotel Republic,
Exhibition Road, (Sgl Rs.500-900/-, Dbl. Rs.600-1245/-);
Hotel Satkar International, Fraser Road, (Sgl. Rs.400-800/-, Dbl.Rs.500-970/-);
Hotel Vikram, (Sgl. Rs. 150-480/-, Dbl. Rs.300-650/-);
Hotel Windsor, Exhibition Road, (Sgl. Rs.600-800/-, Dbl. Rs.750-1000/-)
(Tarrif of the following hotels ranges from Rs.100/- to Rs.300/- for a single room and
Rs.300/- to Rs. 450/- for a double room);
Hotel Anand, Hotel Anupam, Station Road,; Hotel Adarsh,
Hotel Agarwal, Station Road, Hotel Meenaxi, Station Road
Hotel Panchdeep, Station Road, Hotel Raj Laxmi, Jamal Road,;
Hotel Shayama,; Hotel Upvan,

Other Accomodations:
1. Tourist Bungalow, Kautilya Vihar (BSTDC), Beerchand Patel Path, R Block, (Rs.350-550/-);
2. Youth Hostel, Fraser Road,.

Birla Dharamshala; Sabjibagh; Harmindarji; Patli Putra Dharamshala; Sabjibagh and
Kadankaun Dharamshala; Patna Kalibari Guest House, Kalibari Lane.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Bihar Institute of Handicrraft & Design: It has a workshop of handicrafts, specially
Madhubani paintings and a museum;
Golghar: Steps around the edifice leading to the top where a fenced-in terrace commands a view of the city and the river frontage; Gandhi Museum, North-West, Gandhi Maidan, , Open daily except Saturday 1000 Hrs. to 1800 Hrs. Entry Free;
Harmandirji: This shrine consecrates the birthplace of the tenth religious precepter (Guru) of the Sikh faith, Guru Govind Singh. Timings:0700 Hrs to 1200 Hrs. & 1500 Hrs to 2000 Hrs. Office and library closed on Thursday;
Khuda Baksh Oriental Library: One of the major national libraries of India. It has a distinguished collection of rare manuscripts, particularly Arabic and Persian, and Paintings of Rajput and Mughal Schools;
Kumrahar: Excavations at the site have revealed the remains of a part of the ancient city of Patliputra. Entrance: Rs.5/- (Indians) US $ 2 (Foreigners);
Lakshmi Narayan Temple: It is popularly known as Birla Temple located in Sabjibagh;
Martyr’s Memorial: Life size statues in front of the secretariat, a memorial to seven brave young men who sacrificed their lives in the 1942 freedom struggle;
Nawab Sahhib Ka Maqbara:
The tomb is made of black and white marble;
Patna Museum: The Patna Museum is a huge building on Budh Marg. The is a principal museum of Bihar and houses a splendid collection of statues belonging to the Mauryan period. Open daily except Monday 1030 Hrs. to 1630 Hrs. Entry fee Rs.5/- per head;
Rajendra Museum: Housing the trophies and personal belongings of late Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India.;
Quila House(Jalan Museum): It houses a rich private collection of Jade, Chinese parcelain, paintings and silver figuree work of the Mughal period. Prior permission required.;
Sadaquat Ashram: Headquarters of the Bihar Vidyapeeth, a National University;
Sher Shah Suri Masjid: A monument with unique architectural features was built in 1545 A.D. by Sher Shah Suri, the Afghan ruler to commemorate his reign.
Somepur (25 Kms): Famous for the cattle fair which takes place every year (in November) on Kartik Purnima day and lasts for about a month. It is the largest fair of cattle in Asia, Maner (29 Kms), Vaishali (56 Kms.), Muzaffarpur (57 Kms.), Pawapuri (90 Kms.): Lord Mahavir founder of Jainism attained Nirvana here. Rajgir (102 Kms.), Nalanda (90 Kms.), Bodhgaya (125 Kms.), Munger (205 Kms.), Gaya (172 Kms.)
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Bhubaneshwar, seat of an ancient kingdom, is the present capital of the state of Orissa. Standing near the site of the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Kalinga, Bhubaneshwar has a history that dates back to over 2200 years.
Area: 65.03 Sq. Km
Altitude : 45 Metres (146 ft.).
Temperature : Summer    Max : 44 Deg.C     Min : 27 Deg. C.
Winter Max: 28 Deg.C. Min: 15 Deg.C.
Rainfall : 152 Cms
Best Season: Oct to March
STD Code : 0674
Air : Bhubaneshwar is directly connected by Indian Airlines flights with Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad , Kolkata, Mumbai and Visakhapatnam.
Rail : Bhubaneshwar is on the Kolkata- Chennai line of South Eastern Railways and is connected with all major cities/towns in India.
Road : Bhubaneshwar is connected with Bangalore 1378 km; Barkul (Chilika Lake) 90 Km., Cuttack 25 Km., Chennai 1225 Km., Delhi 1758 Km., Gopalpur-on-Sea 170 Km., Hyderabad 1135 km., Kolkata 480 Km., Konark 64 km., Puri 56 km., Rambha (Chilika Lake) 115 Km. Vijayawada 792 Km. and Vishakapatnam 426 km.
The following tours are organized by the Orissa Tourism Dev. Corpn. Ltd., (OTDC) from Panthnivas, Lewis Road, Transport Unit, Bhubaneswar,.
1) Bhubaneswar local tour covers, Nandan Kanan, Khandagiri, Udaigiri, Temples, Dhauli & Museum. Timings: 0900-1730 hrs. Fare: Rs. 95/- (Non A./c.) & Rs. 120/- (Dlx. A/c.).
2) Puri and Konark Tour covers Sun Temple and Beach at Konark, Pipli and Sri Jagannath Temple, Gundicha Temple, Beach and Bazar at Puri. Timings: 0900-1800 hrs. Fare: Rs. 100/- (Non A/c.) & Rs. 150/- (A/c.).
OTDC also conducts tours to Chilika Lake (Barkul), Satapada, Gopalpur-on-sea, etc.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
(*Hotels approved by the Dept of Tourism, Govt of India).
                                                                                   Single                        Double
*The  Oberoi*****  Dlx A/c                                Rs.3200/-                     Rs.3500/-
*Hotel SwostiPvt.Ltd.,**** A/c                         Rs.2430/-                     Rs.3250/-   
 103 Janpath,                                                                                                                                                                                     
*Hotel Kalinga Ashok***(ITDC)                        Rs. 1995/-                    Rs. 2395/-
Gautam Nagar,
*Hotel Keshari*** A/c                                         Rs.1450/-                     Rs.1800/-
Station Square
*Hotel Mayfair Lagoon***                                  Rs. 3500/-                    Rs. 6000/-
Jaidev Vihar,
*Quality Inn Crown Hotel***                              Rs. 2150/-                    Rs. 2800/-
*Hotel Siddartha***                                             Rs.700-1100/-             Rs.750-1200/-
Cuttack-Puri Road,
*Hotel Swosti Plaza***                                        Rs. 2750/-                    Rs. 3500/-
Jaydev Vihar,
Hotel Castle Plaza, Cuttack-Puri Road, (Sgl. Rs. 850/- & Dbl. Rs. 1450/-);
The Garden Inn, Kharavela Nagar, (Sgl. Rs.1775/- & Dbl. Rs. 2475/-);
Hotel Grand Central, Old Station Bazar, (Sgl. Rs. 950 -1800/-& Dbl. Rs.1200-2100/-);
Hotel The Marrion, Janpath, (Sgl. Rs. 1750-2300/- & Dbl. Rs. 1950-2500/-);
Hotel Meghdoot, Sahid Nagar ( Sgl. Rs. 1800/- & Dbl. Rs. 2250/-);
Prachi Resorts, Khandagiri, (Sgl. Rs. 800/- & Dbl. Rs. 1000/-);
Hotel Royal Midtown, Janpath, (Sgl.Rs. 1200/- & Dbl. Rs. 1400-1600/-);
Hotel Safari International, Cuttack Road, (Sgl. Rs. 600-1100/- & Dbl. Rs.770-1575/-);
Hotel Sismo, Gautam Nagar (Sgl. Rs. 2200/- & Dbl. Rs. Rs. 2900/-)
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Other Hotels
1) The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.400- Rs.700/- for a single and from Rs.500-1000/- for a double room :
Hotel Bicky Inn, Janpath,
Hotel Excel Home, Bhouma Nagar,
Hotel Gauri, Lewis Road,
Hotel Gayatri, Kharavela Nagar,
Imperial Guest House, Sahid Nagar,
Hotel Jajati, Station Square,
Hotel Kanchan Palace, Ashok Nagar,
Hotel Leavender, IRC Village,
Nalco Guest House, Nalco Nagar,
Reliance Guest House, B.J.B Nagar,
Hotel Shatabdi, Buddha Nagar,
Hotel Shrikrishna, Station Square,
Hotel Swarna, Ashok Nagar,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

2) The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.100- Rs.300/- for a single and from Rs.200-500/- for a double room :
Hotel Anjali Palace, Ashok Nagar,
Hotel Anarkali, Station Square,
Hotel Apsara, Bapuji Nagar,
Hotel Basera, Ashok Nagar,
Hotel Bhagwatniwas, Buddha Nagar,
Hotel Bhubaneswar, Cuttack Road,
Hotel Blue Heaven, Bapuji Nagar,
Hotel Blue Wheel, Sahid Nagar,
Hotel Crystal, Baramunda Housing Board,
Hotel Golden Palace, Buddha Nagar,
Hotel Janpath, Bapuji Nagar,
Hotel Kanishka, Ashok Nagar,
Hotel Lingaraj, Old Station Road,
Hotel Mayfeel, Nayapalli,
Hotel Nandan, Station Square,
Hotel Raj Mahal, Rajmahal Square;
Hotel Richi, Station Square,
Hotel Rohit Park, Satya Nagar,
Hotel Sahara, Buddha Nagar,
Hotel Swagat Inn, Bapuji Nagar,
Tourist Guest House, Ashok Nagar,
Panthnivas (OTDC),
State Guest House, Behind Legislative Assembly Bldg.,
Circuit House, PWD Inspection Bungalow, Central Circle,.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Ananta-Vasudeva Temple, BDA Nicco Park – Entry Fee: Rs. 25/-, Brahmeshwar Temple, Handicrafts Museum - Timings: 1000 to 1700 hrs.; Khandagiri & Udaygiri Caves (8 Km.) - Entrance: Rs. 5/- (Indians) & US$ 2 (Foreigners); Lingaraja Temple (Only Hindus are allowed in the temple), Mukteshwara Temple, Orissa State Museum – Timings: 1000-1300 hrs. & 1400-1700 hrs. Daily except Monday. Entry Fee: Rs. 5/-; Parsurameshwar Temple, Pathani Samanta Planetarium – Entry Fee: Rs. 10/- Adult & Rs. Rs. 6/- Child, Timings: 1600 hrs. (English) & 1400 hrs., 1500 hrs. and 1700 hrs. (Oriya). Rajarani Temple - Entry Fee: Rs. 5/-( Indians) & US$ 2 (Foreigners), Tribal Research Museum - Timings: 1000 to 1600 hrs. (Monday closed); Sisupalgarh ( remains of the fortified town) Svarnajaleswara Temple, Vaital Deul Temple.
Dhauli (10 Km): The famous Kalinga war (261 B.C.) was fought here.
Yogini Temple (15 Km): Located at Hirapur Village, it is one of the five Yogini temples in the country.
Pipli (21 Km.): On the way to Konark, a small and only village of Orissa where applique work is done.
Nandankanan Zoological Garden (22 km): The picturesque Nandankanan is a wildlife park and botanical garden with a placid lake flanking it. It is famous for the breeding of white tigers, gharials and other crocodiles, black panthers, etc. It also boasts of the largest lion safari in the country. Timings: 0800 to 1700 hrs. (Oct-Mar) & 0730 to 1730 hrs. (Apr-Sept), Daily except Monday. Entry Fee: Rs. 5/-. Lion Safari Rs. 10/- per trip.
Cuttack (25 Km.): Cuttack is one of the oldest towns of Orissa and was capital of the state till recent times. The places of interest in Cuttack include, Barabati Fort, Kadam-I-Rasool-a venerated Muslim shrine, the stone embankment on the rivers Kathajodi and Mahanadi, etc. It is famous for handicrafts such as filigree and silverware, horn & brass work, silk & cotton textiles. Cuttack is also the venue for the annual Bali Yatra Festival. Panthnivas (OTDC), , Tariff: A/c. Dbl: Rs. 500/- & Non. A/c Dbl: Rs. 300/-; Hotel Akbari Continental, Dolmindai, , Tariff: Rs. 1050-1400/-; Hotel Ashoka, Ice Factory Road, , Tariff: Rs. 500-700/-; Dwaraka Resorts, Bajrakabati Road, Tariff: A/c. 795-1375 & Non. A/c. Rs. 495-1000/-.
Atri (42 km): is best known for its hot sulphur spring noted for their curative properties and the temple of Lord Hatakeswar. Accommodation: Panthasala (OTDC), Tariff: Dbl. Rs. 150/-.
Dhavaleswar (52 Km.): A small and beautiful island on the Mahanadi river, it is famous for the Dhavaleswara temple situated on a hillock. Accommodation: Panthasala (OTDC),Tariff: Dbl. Rs. 100/-.
Konark (64 Km.): Famous for its sun temple.
Lalithgiri-Ratnagiri-Udaygiri (85-90-100 Km.): These three hills present the rich Buddhist heritage of Orissa. Once the seat of a flourishing Buddhist university called “Pushpagiri Mahavihara”, these hills still have extensive ruins of brick monasteries, sculpted stone portals and Buddhist images. The museums at Ratnagiri and Lalitagiri are worth visiting.
Chilika Lake (90Km.): Spread over an area of 1100 Sq. Km., Chilika is the largest brackish water lake in the country and attracts a large number of migratory birds, besides resident ones. The lake can be reached from Bhubaneshwar through its entry points at Barkul (90 Km.),
Rambha (115 Km.) and Satpada (115 Km.): Satpada is a tiny village towards the south eastern stretch of the lake and is the base for a visit to Rajhans, Nalaban, Arakhakuda and Krishnaprasad Garh, islands within the lagoon and for spotting dolphins and a large number of migratory birds in the interior of the lake. Motorised yatch and speed boats are available for a cruise on the lake. Accommodation: Panthnivas (OTDC), Barkul, Tariff: A/c. Dbl: Rs. 800/- & Non. A/c. Dbl: Rs.450/-; Panthnivas (OTDC), Rambha, Tariff: A/c. Dbl: Rs. 500/-, Non. A/c. Dbl: Rs. 350/- & Dormitory Rs. 50/- per bed; Yatrinivas (OTDC), Satpada, Tariff: Dbl: Rs. 150/-.
Jajpur (125 Km.): Situated on the bank of river Vaitarani, it is a place of pilgrimage with shrines dedicated to Goddess Viraja (Durga) and Sweta Varaha (Vishnu). Accommodation: Panthasala (OTDC), Tariff: Rs. 100-300/-.
Paradip (124 Km.): A major seaport and a picnic spot with creeks, estuary, beach and the marine drive.
Kapilas (125 Km): Known as the “Kailash of Utkal”, it enshrines the temple of Lord Shiva at a height of about 457 Mts. Accommodation: Panthasala (OTDC),. Tariff: Dbl. Rs. 150/-.
Gahirmatha (130 Km.): It is the largest nestling place of the giant pacific Olive Ridley Sea Turtles.
Ghatagaon (180 Km.): is known all over Orissa for the shrine of Goddess Tarini. Located 50 Km. from here is the tribal district of Keonjhar. Accommodation: Panthasala (OTDC), Tariff: Dbl. Rs. 50/-.
Aradi (182 Km.): Famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Akhandalamani (Shiva). Accommodation: Panthasala (OTDC), Tariff: Dbl. Rs. 150/-.
Chandbali (190 Km.): A base for visiting the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary and mangrove forests. Accommodation: Aranyanivas (OTDC), Tariff: Dbl: Rs. 150/- & Dormitory: Rs. 50/- per bed.
Chandipur (230 Km.): Located 16 Km. from Balasore Railhead, Chandipur is an ideal beach resort in Orissa. Accommodation: Panthnivas (OTDC), Tariff: Dbl. A/c. Rs. 700/-, Non A/c. Rs. 350-500/-.
Panchalingeswar (230 Km.): is a panoramic place on the lap of the Nilagiri Hills with a perennial stream flowing over five Shiva lingas. It is 30 Km. from Balasore railhead and is very close to Chandipur. Accommodation: Panthsala (OTDC), Tariff: Family Room Rs. 200/-.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Puri is known world over for the magnificient Jagannath temple, the Lord of the Universe. Though the Jagannath temple precincts maybe banned for non-Hindus, the miles and miles of folden sand, blue waters and silver surf are open to all.
Air: The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar (62 km).
Rail:  Puri is a railway terminus on the South -Eastern Railway.
Fear: Mumbai-Puri (Via Bhubaneshwar):   II A/C Rs. 2159/-; II Class:Rs.497/-.
Road:  Puri is connected by good motorable roads with Bhubaneshwar 56 Km., Barkul 125 Km., Chennai 1285 km., Gopalpur-on-Sea 204 Km., Kolkata 541 km., Konark 32 Km., Pipili 36 Km., & Rambha 149 Km., Vishakhapatnam 486 Km
Places covered                                    Timing                          Tariff                            Operator
Konark, Dhauli, Bhuba-              0630hrs to 1900 hrs.     Rs.110/-(Non.A/c)              OTDC
neshwar, Nandankanan,           (except on Mondays)     Rs.150/-(A/c)                      Panth Bhavan
Khandgiri & Udaigiri.                                                                                                   
Chilika Lake (Satpada)             0630hrs. to1930 hrs.     Rs.85/-(Non.A/c)                   - do-
 For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
                                                                                   Single              Double
*Toshali Sands****,                                                   Rs. 2090/-        Rs.2090/-
Konark Marine Drive,
*Mayfair Beach Resort***,A/c                                  Rs. 2800/-         Rs. 3100/-
Chakratirtha Road,
Hans Coco Palms Goudbadsahi,                                 Rs. 1950/-         Rs. 2450/-
Hotel Nilachal Ashok (ITDC)VIP Road,                        Rs. 900/-          Rs.1300-1700/-
Sea Palace Hotel                                                          --                      Rs. 2050/-
Chakratirtha Road,        
Sterling Holiday Resorts Sea Beach,                           --                      Rs.1400-2150/-
Hotel Vijoya International   A/c.                                   --                     Rs.1100-1820/-
Chakratirtha Road,                                                     .Non. A/c.         Rs. 700-1420/-

Hotel Golden Palace, Sea Beach, (Dbl. Rs. 750-830/-);
Hotel Holiday Resort, Chakratirtha Road, (Sgl. Rs. 550-830/- & Dbl. Rs. 750-1030/-);
Hotel Konark, Sea Beach, (Dbl. Rs. 550-1050/-);
Hotel Samudra (P) Ltd., Chakratirtha Road, (A/c. Dbl. Rs. 900-1000/- & Non. A/c. Rs. 550-700/-);
Hotel Sonali, Sea Beach, (A/c. Dbl. Rs. 750-900/- & Non. A/c. Rs. 300-600/-);
South Eastern Railway Hotel, Chakratirtha Road, (Sgl. Rs. 600-900/- & Rs. 750-1050/-).
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Other Hotels
Tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.200/- to Rs.700/- for a double room.
Hotel Arya Palace, Hotel Basu; Hotel City Plaza, Hotel Dolphin, Hotel Dreamland; Hotel Garden Resorts, Hotel Grand Central, Hotel Indira,; Hotel Kamala Residency, Neelachal Lodge, Hotel Ocean View, Hotel Padma, Hotel Park, Hotel Pulin Puri, Puri Hotel, Hotel Roopam, Hotel Saptarshi, ; Hotel Sea Gull, Hotel Sea Link, Hotel Sea View, Victoria Club Hotel,

Other Accommodation
Panthnivas, Sea Beach (OTDC) Chakratirtha Road,Youth Hostel (OTDC), Chakratirtha Road,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Atharnala Bridge;
Temples such as Charchika; Daria Hanuman & Sonar Gouranga
Girnarbant; Gundicha Ghar;
Jagannath Temple;
Loknath Temple,
Siddha Barkul;
Swargadwar and tanks such as Chandan Tank;
Indraduma Tank, Narendra Tank ;
Markandya Tank; Swetaganga; etc.;
Puri Beach. In most of the Hindu Temples in Puri
including the temple of Lord Jagannath, entry is restricted to Hindus only.
Balighai (8 km): Famous for the sea beach and sea turtle research center.
Raghurajpur (16 km) : This artist village is filled with traditional painters and palm leaf sketchers. They are famous for making patta chitras, a folk painting of Orissa.
Sakshi Gopal Temple (24 km) : It is an impressive temple with a charming life size image of the child Krishna or Gopal.
Konark (35 Km.): Famous for its sun temple.
Satpada (50 Km.): Located on the eastern fringes of the Chilika Lagoon, it is the base for visit to various islands within the lagoon and for viewing dolphins and migratory birds in the interior of the lake.
Chilika Lake (125 Km.): Largest brackish water lake in the country, which attracts a large number of migratory birds in winter. From Puri the places on the lake such as Satpada (50 Km.), Barkul (125 Km.) and Rambha (149 Km.) can easily be reached. Motorised yatch and speed boats are available for a cruise on the lake.
Gopalpur-on-Sea (204 Km.): is a quiet and charming beach resort along the Bay of Bengal. The nearest railhead is Berhampur (16 Km.) and it is 56 Km. from Rambha and 80 Km. from Barkul. Accommodation :The Oberoi Palm Beach, Tariff: Sgl. Rs. 3800/- & Dbl. Rs. 5500/-; Hotel Holiday Home, Tariff: 250-400; Hotel Mermaid, Tariff: Dbl. Rs. 600-650/-; Hotel Sagar, Tariff: Rs.250-350/-; Panthnivas (OTDC), Tariff: A/c. Dbl: Rs. 550/-, Non. A/c. Dbl: Rs. 350/- & Dormitory: Rs. 50/- per bed.
Taptapani (259 Km.): is famous for its hot sulphur spring with curative powers. It is located 55 Km. from Berhampur and 71 Km. from Gopalpur-on-Sea. Chandragiri, 33 Km. from here is a settlement for Tibetan refugees. Accommodation: Panthnivas (OTDC), Taptapani, , Tariff: Dlx. Suite Rs. 750/-, Non A/c. Rs. 450-550/-
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

The Sun Temple of Konark, also called Black Pagoda, is the finest example of ancient Orissan temple architecture. It is designed as a celestial chariot of the Sun God, complete with twelve pairs of wheels and seven horses. The huge monolithic wheels represent the fortnights and each horse a day of the week. Entry Fee : Rs. 10/-(Indians), US$ 5 (Foreigners) . About 10 kms. from Konark, along the beach on the bank of the river Kushabhadra is Kuruma, a site of archaeological remains of a Buddhist monastery and the Ramchandi Temple.The Konark Beach offers a view of the glorious sunrise. The temple is the venue for the annual Konark Dance & Music Festival held in December. The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar (64 Km.) and the railhead is Puri (32 Km.).
Panthniwas (OTDC),. Tariff: A/c Dbl. Rs. 350/-, Non. A/c. Dbl.Rs.200/- & Family Room: Rs. 300/-; Yatri Niwas (OTDC), Tariff: A/c. Dbl. RS. 325/-, Non. A/c. Rs. 150-200/- & Dormitory: Rs. 50/- per bed; Sun Villa Yatri Nivas (OTDC), Tariff: Dormitory: Rs. 30/- per bed; Travellers' Lodge, Konark, Tariff: Dbl. Rs.200-400; PWD Inspection Bungalow, (Dbl. Rs. 250/-). Private hotels such as Hotel Konark Niwas (Sgl: Rs. 100/-, Dbl: Rs. 150/-); Labanya, Lodge, (Sgl : Rs. 125/-, Dbl : Rs. 150/- ; Hotel Pushpak (Sgl: Rs. 100/-, Dbl: Rs. 150/-).
Archaeological Museum, Chandra Bhaga Sea Beach (3 km.), Nabagraha Temple, Sun Temple, Kuruma 8 kms, Ramchandi Temple (10 kms.), Kapileswar (10kms.).
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Bhubaneshwar State Orissa Region Eastern
Bhubaneshwar the capital city of the state . Bhubaneshwar (Bhuban being world and Iswar being God) is known as the temple city of India , because of its innumerable ancient temples of typical Orissian architechture. Bhubaneshwar an embodiment of its dashing modernity and glorious past. The city known for its temple is a major center of attraction for tourist from far wide. It is probably the only city in the world that enables an authentic overview of the stages of development of Hindu temples architechture . It is the place where temple building activities of orissian style flowered from its very inception to its fulliest culmination extending over a period of one thousand years . Bhubaneshwar is the seat of Tribhuwaneshwar of Lord Lingraj . Out of 7000 temple the finest is Lingraj temple of shiva . Over the span the time , Bhubaneshwar has been known as Kalinga Nagar , Tribhuwaneshwar , Ekmara K Kshetra , Mandiramalini . Fom chedi dynasty , Karwela ruled in 1 century BC whose imperishable record of administration can be seen in khandgiri .

Population: 658220 (2001)               Altiitude : 45 mtrs (146ft)
Area : 65.03                             Temprature (deg C) Summer: Max 44 Min 27
Rainfall : 152 cm                               Winter: Max 28 , Min 25
AIR: Bhubaneshwar is directly connected to Kolkata Delhi , Chennai , Mumbai Vishakhapatnam by Indian Airlines . Bhubaneshwar is also connected by Air shahara to Hyderabad , Mumbai and Deccan to Kolkata .
RAIL: Bhubaneshwar is directly linked by Rail to all major places India Mumbai 1944 kms , Kolkata 437 kms Guwahati 1478 kms , Hyderabad 1154 kms , chennai 1222 kms , Tiruvanantpuram 249 kms.
ROAD: Bhubaneshwar is on the National no 5 , that runs between Kolkata 7 Chennai . By road Bhubaneshwar to Puri Ahemadabad 1829 kms , Agra 1558 kms, Allahabad 1102 km Ambala 1958 kms Amritsar 2202 kms Ambala 1958 kms Banglore 1430 kms Coimbatore 1711 kms Jammu 2231kms , Delhi 1745 kmsKalikut 1935 kms Gangatok 1204 kms Luckhnow 1266 kms , Itanagar 2081 kms Kanyakumari 1928 kms , Kohima 1977 kms , Kolhapur 1614 kms,Jalandhar 2114 kms Jammu 2331 kms Jamshedpur 439 kms Jhansi 1395 kms , Jodhpur 2118 kms Jabalpur , Rajkot 2054 km , Rameshwaram 1808 kms , Ranchi 583 kms Shillong 1731 kms Shimla 2113 kms Solapur Varanasi 980 kms , Vijaywada 792 kms Vishakhapatnam 426 kms .

Local Transport
A large number of autos un metered taxis and cycle rikshaws are available . Tourist taxis and deluxe buses are available on rent fom transport manager , Orissa Tourism development Corporation Ltd. Panthanivas, Lewis Road Bhubaneshwar .

Conducted Tours
Organised by orissa tourisn development corporation Ltd from Panthanivas Transpor Unit Bhubaneshwar

Tour 1 Nanadakanan Khandagiri Udaynagari Temples , Dhauli and Museum Time 0900 to 1977 kms , Kolhapur 1614 kms,Jalandhar 2114 kms Jammu 2331 kms Jamshedpur 439 kms Jhansi 1395 kms , Jodhpur 2118 kms Jabalpur , Rajkot 2054 km , Rameshwaram 1808 kms , Ranchi 583 kms Shillong 1731 kms Shimla 2113 kms Solapur Varanasi 980 kms , Vijaywada 792 kms Vishakhapatnam 426 kms .
Local Transport
A 1730 hrs except Mondayonly
Tour 2 Konark Pipli Puri Time 0900 to 1800 hrs Rate per head 200 AC RS 150 Non AC
Tour3 Puri Satpada Time 0830 1800 hrs Rate per head 175 Non Ac
Tour4 Barkul Narayani Time 0830 hrs to 1800 hrs rate per head 175 Non AC
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

The Trident Hilton (5 star) Deluxe CB1 Nayapali Bhubaneshwar 751013
Hotel Swosti(4 star) Janpath Bhubaneshwar Orrissa
Hotel Sishmo (4 star) 86/A Gautam Nagar Bhubaneshwar

MayfairLagoon (3 star) 8-B Jaydev Vihar Bhubaneshwar,
Hotel Swosti Plaza P1 Jaydev vihar Bhubaneshwar Orissa
Hotel Keshari 3 star,113 station Square Bhubaneshwar
The crown 3 star,: A1 IRC Village Nayaballi Bhubaneshwar
The New Marion: A112 Unit 3 Janpath Kharvelnagar The Truipmph 5B Shaheed Nagar
The Kalinga : Ashok Gautam Nagar BBSSR ,
Royal Midtown : 52/53 Janpath Ashok Nagar
Hotel Grand Central : Old Station Bazar BBSR,
The Presidency ,147 A Nayapalli

Other Hotels
Hotel Upasana Old Station Cuttack Puri Road
Hotel Pushpak : Kalpana square BSSR ,
Arya Palace : 126 B Ashok nagar Janpath BSSR 9,
Hotel Gauri : Lewis Road BBSR
Golden Palace : Rajpath Road,79 Buddha Nagar
The Kanchan Plaza : 123 Ashok Nagar
The Bicky Inn : Panthnivas OTDC,Lewis Rd
Hotel Kamala : OPP station BSSR, Bhubaneshwar
Hotal cuttak Road BSSR
Hotal Swagat Cuttak Road BSSR ,
Hotal Rajdhani Road BSSR Satyanagar ,
Ridge Residency M-120 NH Baramulla .
Hotel Blue Heaven Bapuji Nagar Anjali Palace 43 East Ashok Nagar ,
Hotal Nanadan 27A Station Square
Hotel Urmi 424 Rasslgarh.
Hotel Mehfill ,Ashok Nagar ,
Hotel Shatabdi 71 Buddha Nagar
Hotal Badera 45 Ashok Nagar.
Hotal Swarna bOaring and Lodging 129 ashok Nagar BSSR 9
Hotal Apsara 18 Janpath Bapuji Nagar ,
Hotel shashi 222 Bapuji Nagar , State Guest House Behind Legislative Assemble Building , Hotel deepali Intelnational 54 Buddha Nagar Kalpana Square BSSR
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
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OtherHotels Room Rent 150-300 For Single room and 200-600
Hotel Eharna Inn 59 Buddha Ngar Cuttack Nagar BSSR ,
Hotel Asharaya 357 Rasulgarh ,Nalco Guest House 61 Janpath ,
Hotel Samita 74 Buddha Naga Kalpana Square ,
Bapus Guest House B-83 Shaheeed Nagar, Yatri Nivas Cuttack Road ,
Shakti Guest House B 48 Shaheed Nagar ,
Chandrakala Guest House 74 Ashok Nagar ,
Hotel Swagat Inn 219 Bapuji Nagar ,
Hottel crystal lodge NH5 Barmuda ,
Hotel Rajmahal Near Rajmahal Chk Bapuji Nagar ,
Hotel Blue Heaven 260 Bapuji Nagar ,
Hotel Kaniska 134 Ashok Nagar
Hotel Payal 135 Cuttak rd ,
Hotel Upendra B-63 .
Hotel Atithi Niwas Cuttack Rd BBSR
Shashi Heavens Guset House Cuttack Road ,
Hotel City Palace 258 Bapuji nagar Kalpana Square BBSR
Hotel Padmini Rasulgarh BBSR-10 .
Hotel Atithi Niwas Cuttack Road BBSR , .
Hotel Rajdhani Near Rly Stn Platformm No 4 Cuttack BBSR ,
Hotel Eden 77 Budhha Nagar Kalpana Square BBSR ,
Hotel Atithi Niwas Cuttack Road BBSR .
Orrisa Guest House Old Station Bazar BBSR ,
Ashirwad Lodging Cutack Road BSSR ,
Doodhwala Dharamshala NearLingraj Mandir ,
City Guset House 38 Ashok Nagar ,
Hotel Trident 138 Ashok Nagar , Ratna Lodge 73 Buddha Nagar.
Bishram Bhawan Cuttack Road , Jolly Lodge L3 Vishakhapatnam Road BSSR .
Khurana Guset House Near Khurana Brothers 39-B Ashok Nagar BSSR ,
State Guset House Behind Legislative Assemly Building.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
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What to See
Lingaraj Temple It is magnificient monument dedicated to Lord Shiva . with origins in 17 century it was buit by King Jajatee Keshari in 10 th century Keshari in 11th century The main spire is 54 meters high. Besides there is Pillar Hall Dancing .Besides there is Pillar hall a dancing hall (Nata Mandap) and a hall for serving offerings (Bhoga Mandap).The walled campus has about 50 smaller shrines including one dedicated godess Parvati. It is the biggest teple in Bhubaneshwar . This great temple represents the quietness of Kalinga type of architecture the culminating result of of the architechtureal activities at Bhubaneshwar.

Rajdhani Temple Set in pictue seek surroundings . It is noted for its intricate carvings of floral animals and human figures . The sculptures alone repuditade the theory of Rajdhani was ever Rajdhani temple .but there are also the saibaba temples on the body of temple . The side sitches have been robbed of their images but at the basis of the southern and northern ciches have been carved the scenes of linga Worship . Besides the main temple also contains on its vacates three panels which shoes Shiva and its counterparts dancing in the camping attendants holding musical instrumenst . Constructed in eleventh century it has unusual tower.

Mukteshwar Temple The 10th century monument is Lingraj temple . It is famous for the stone arch and sculptures depicting stories from Panchtantra and is considerd the Germ of Orissian temples architechture.
Parshurameshwar Temple A small but richly decorated temple of 7th century AD This shrine of Shiva as as situated closed to Mukteshwar temple.

Ajanta Vasudeva Temple
It was built in 13th century AD the plan of temple differs considerably from that of other temples . The main temple stands on cruciform platform , apecularity which is the first of its kind in dated temple and has a three chambered frontal aadjunct consisting of Jagmohana The Natamanders and the Bhogamandapa . The three piddha temples in alignment with central riches were northern eastern and soutern sides of Vinama.

Swarnajatewala Temple
It was built in 7th century AD This Panchayan temple shows nature workmanship and advanced architechtural sculptures .

Bhrameshwar Temple
It was built in 11th century AD . The Panchayan temple nature of workmanship and advanced architechtural Sculptures.

Khandagiri And Udaigiri Caves
8 kms the twin hills of Kumargiri and Kumargiri is known as Khandagiri and Udaigiri served as the site of an ancient Jain montessary which carved to vateries of rock out caves like chambers built mainly for the Jains amonks around 1st century BC . Some of the caves have beautifull caves have beautifull carvings .Carving of snakes and and Lotus are some are some of the auspicious Jain symbols extensively used here . The thirteen years lithic records of its kind Kharvela have carved out of chemicals of his reign.Out of rock cut caves Rani gumpha Queens cave is the largest and doubled storied is ornately empharished with beautifull carvings. At present we find eighteen caves in Udaigiri and 15 cae sin Khandagiri.. Many of these belong to past Kharvela.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
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10 kms it stands as a testimony of the famous kalinga war fought were by the river daya back in 261 bc that changed the emperor Asokato an aptole of peace.The earliest rock cut figure of an elephant is noticed on the top of the changed Emperor Ashoka to an Upstole peace.

2 kms the xcavated ancient township of Sisupalgarh lies 2 kms south east towards the Puri . A fortified town surrounded by a natural moat it was probably the capital of Kalinga in 21st centuryBC .

Orissa State Museum
The mmuseum state is situated as the heart of thr city has arich collections of coins Copper plates and inscriptions on stone armoury objects and paintings . The museum realtes open daily except on Mondays and Govt Holidays from 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs .

Regional Museum OF natural History Museum
Acharya vihar PORRL Bhubaneshwar 13 . It opens all the . It opens all the day except on Mondays . It is free of charge.

Paithani Samanth Museum
It is special attraction for he people for interested tourist Scientists Scholars and Students and for childrens . The planetarium remains open everyday except on Mondays .

Orissa Modern Art Gallery
A 17/8 Surya Nagar Bhbaneshwar 1130 hrs to 1330 hrs and 1500 hrs to 2000 hrs

Regional Science Center
It also a special scholar center for the Students Scientists and for small childrens . It is open except Diwali and Holis Opening timings are 1030 hrs to 1800 hrs during Summer seasons It has 3 dimensional Film Shows and Gallery Motion Gallry , Funsile Gallery SC Park Pre Hisroric Museum Life Park.

Reginal Plant Resource Centre Ekarma Kannan
Sprawiling over a large area it has an artificial lake vast streach of loan colorfull seasonal flowers and 3 mountains Musical Fountains and Finger get Fountains Floating Fountains Childrens Park and Red Tree It has boating facility RS 15 ND 25 It is open all days an year . Opening time 1800 hrs 2000hrs (March OCt) 0900-1900 hrs .

Iskcon Temple
Another complimentry temple is Krishna Balram Temple built in 1991 and maintained and international Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISCKON) on NH5 on Nayapalli . It has built in Facilities including Lodging and boarding for devotee memebres The main festival is the Karve Festival like Rathyatra of Lord Jaggannath .

Stasang Mandir
Are recently constructed near NH5 in Nayapalli adjacent to income tax and central excise offices . It has beautifull Park and lodging facilities for marriages and Parties.

Lake road mAdhusudan nagar spread oer an area of 25 acres . This is amusement park situated in the city remains open on on all 365 days a year attracting visitors toits varieties of rides and games like water park at fee Rs 15 Striking car Rs 15 Pirate ship . Tilt a whirl Glider Boating Aqua Cycle cater pillar jumping castle , Merry go round , Mini toy train , Moon racker Fun and Games zone
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
INDIRA GANDHI PARK: Built on 25 acres of land , it was inaugurated in 1988 by the Lt PrimeMinister Shri Rajeev Gandhi locate din front of Secratriate Building . This Park contains sprinklers and water fountains This place is where the Indira Gandhi gave her last speech and the statue is exactly placed where she had stood
Mahatma Gandhi Park Built in 1999 in Park on 5 acres of Land it has awater fountain with stream rockeries , ball fountain and landscape garden
Sprawiling over 22 acres of land there is a proposal to install a statue of Biju Pattnaik in the Park . The Park ha multiple Jogging track foam fountain for children
Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Park
Located at the Side on NH5 and front of Satsang Vihar . It has collection of ornamental trees and Shrubs . The Park also houses a nursery.

Hirapur 15 kms from Bhubaneshwar is the site of 11th century Hypethral temple of sixtyfour Yoginicarve from black Chlorite is one of the Yogni Temples in India
Nandan Kanan Zoological Park 20 Kms is famous for its white tiger Safari . Pictureseekly carved out of the chandraka forest Nandakanan is biological park where animals are kept in the natural habitat . A centrally located lake divdes the zoo from the botanical garden . Acentrally located Brown bear Himalayan Black Bear , Ghariyal , ghariyal , , Indian Python Kings , Kingly Lions , clouded leopards , Black Panther are the attractions of the zoo.The exotic botanical gardens on the other side of the zoo preserve varieties of indegeneous plants . Regular bus servives are available to reach the place .It opens daily except on Mondays
ATRI Situated about 42 kms from Bhubaneshwar 14 kms Khurda , this place is best known for the Hot Sulphur spring and and the lord Hartakeshwar temple . The water temprature constants 55 deg celcius . and is believed to have medicinal properties . The country side leading to the spring as pericularly pretty and just drive to reach there as well worth the effrt is well worth the effort . Panthnivas
Konark 65 kms Konark is well known for world famous 13 th century Sun Temple a masterpiece of Orissian temple architechtural and and world heritage monument . The magnificient temple designed as a gigantic chariot of sun god is feast for eyes respiratory of art forms and culmination of Kalinga school of architecture . The place is also known as quite and serene chandrabhaga Beach Konark cmpletes the Golden triangle formes with Bhubaneshwar and Puri.
Bhusandapur A picnic spot one way to Balugaon along NH5 o from Bhubaneshwar one can visit the shrine of Ugrtara at Bhussandapur 65 kms . The four armed image of chamunda worshiped as Ugrata is believed to be the tutelary diety of gajapati J kings Of Orissa . This place is connected with a good motorable road.
Pipli Famous for magnificient applause work the place lies 20 km away from the city at Puri road It can easily approached by road from Bhubaneshwar
Cuttack One of Orissa oldest city this is the best place to shop at in the state . It offers Piligree and Silverware horn and and brass work and cotton.and textiles also
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Barunai 32 kms away from Bhubaneshwar 4 kms from Khurda Barunai a scenic hot spot attracts thousands of visitors and Barunai the presiding diety of the place adorns the hilltop . the shadow Manga groves with perrenial springs called ganga presnt a pleasant surprise atmosphere for the Picknickers . Bus services are available to Khurda . One can hire busses and Auto rikshaes to reach the place.
Kantalio A picnic spot 100 kms from Bhubaneshwar and 70 kms from Khurda on the bank of river Mahanadi famous for lord Narmada temple on the top on the twin hills surrounded by green forest . The presiding diety of the space is believed to be delivered earlier from the lord Jagganath puri . Permanent secretion of holi water is from the fleet of Lord Nilamdhaba and the movement of great Shakti of Lord Siddheshwar to north and south accordingly to sunrise and sunset are the two wonderfull sights to be seen here.Regular bus services are available from boththe places PWD inspection banglow , Dharamshalas are available on the stay.
Baramul 110kms from the picnic spots . This small village get prominence due to the bank of which it is situated . From sunakania hill upto Baramul the course of five is is known as SATAKOSIA hill upto Baramul . Ganda having a water spread of about 22 kms . Regular bus services are available to Gania 96 kms while rest 14 kms ar jeepable.
Banapur 106 kms famous for godess Bhabati once it was the capital of STAKOSIA It was responsible for the dynasty the construction of of the yearly group temples of Bhubaneshwar. The large numbers of Buddist images discovered at Binapur relate the place to Vajrayan cult of Buddhism . The temple of Dakshaya Prajapati is a fine specimen of extra ordinary excellence of Orissian arts. It is 8kms from Balugaon and 106 kms from Bhubaneshwar connected by bus services .
Famous for the temple Raghunath jee . It is one of the few temples in Orissa dedicated to lord Ramchandra . Ramnavami is the most important festival to the people and is celebrated here 30 kms from Nayagarh town and 114 kms from Bhubaneshwar . It is said that the renowned poet of Orissa Upendra Bhanja mediated here and attained perfection in Ram taraka Mantra . This temple is built around 1903 The kalas of temple appears to be gold plated . Besides this temple we can the Daikeshwar and Buddha Bandhini temple regular bus services are available to this place

Major Fairs and Festival
Mahashivratri (Feb-Mar): The festival shivas great night falls on 14th of the day of the dark half of Falguna nad and is t observe the devotees all over the country . Devotees keep fast and and perform puja at night and keep a vigil towards the witness the sacred lamp on the temple and return after a 4 day stay
Ashok Ashtami(April) The car festival ashokastami is held in the night half of Chaitra .The proteg of Lingaraja at Bhubaneshwar . Ashoksami is held in bright of chaitra . The proteg of lord lingaraja is taken in chariot from the main temple in Rameshwar and retuen after a four day stay.
Dashehra festival This is also the festival of durgapuja . This one of the major religious festivals I in hindus in Bhuwaneshwar you can find the beautifull idols of jyotirlinga and Sky touch pendal inevery corner of the city . The main attraction of Dashehra is Ravan Pada .
Khandagiri Festival It is observed at khandagiri in February_March.
A picturesque town, perched on a ridge at a height of 1520 mts., Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim has grown into a busy, bustling town today. At the same time it retains it’s charming architectural style with pagoda-like wooden houses, painted turquoise roofs and charming bazaars. Gangtok makes a good base for the discovery of Sikkim.
Area : 7096 Sq. Kms. (Entire State)
Altitude : 5500 Ft.
Temperature : Summer Max: 28°C Min: 13.1°C
Winter Max: 18°C Min: 05.3°C
Rainfall : 3894 mm.
Best Season : March to May & Oct. to Dec.
STD Code : 03592.
Foreign Tourists
(i)Foreign individual as well as group tourists can visit Gangtok, Rumtek, Phodong, Pemayangtse, Khecheperi and Tashiding, for a period of 15 days (which can be extended for a period of 30 days), by obtaining a Restricted Area Permit from :- All Indian Missions abroad; Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi; All Foreigners’ Regional Registration Offices; Immigration Officers at Airports at Kolkatta, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi; Chief Secretary / Home Secretary / Secretary (Tourism), Govt. of Sikkim, Gangtok ; I.G. of Police, Gangtok ; Assistant Director (Tourism), Govt. of Sikkim, Siliguri ; Dy. Director (Tourism), Govt. of Sikkim, New Delhi; Resident Commissioner of Sikkim, N. Delhi ; Asst. Resident Commissioner, Govt. of Sikkim, Kolkatta; Tourism Officer, Rangpo / Dy. Commissioner, Darjeeling; Dy. Secy / Under Secy., Home Dept. Govt. of W. Bengal, Kolkatta.
Air : The nearest airport is Bagdogra 124 Km, linked with Delhi & Kolkata.
Fare: Mumbai-Kolkata: Rs. 9016/-, Kolkata - Bagdogra:Rs.4301/-.
The Sikkim Helicopter Service operates daily services that link Bagdogra with Gangtok coinciding with the arrival / departure of Indian Airlines and other private airlines flights.
Rail : The nearest railway stations are Siliguri 114 km. and New Jalpaiguri 125 Km. connected with different cities in the country.
Road: There are good motorable roads connecting Gangtok with Kolkata 725 Km., Darjeeling 139 Km., Guwahati 589 Km. and Siliguri 110 Km.
Subject to weather condition, the Sikkim Helicopter Service (SHS) operates the following aerial tours of Sikkim by a five seater helicopter between 0700-1200 hrs. daily. Reservations for the aerial tours can be made through the Sikkim Tourist Information Centre, M.G. Marg, Gangtok-737101.

1.Gangtok Flight: Covers Khangchen-Dzonga Range, Rumtek Monastery, and Gangtok Ridge. Duration: 20 mintues..
2.West Sikkim Flight: Covers Rumtek Monastery, Temi Tea Garden, Rabang/Maenam Hill, Tashiding / Pemayangtse Monasteries, Waterfall near Yuksom and Khangchen-Dzonga range. Duration: 60 minutes.
3.Yumthang Flight: Covers Khangchen-Dzonga, Lachung Monastery, waterfall and lake near Lachung, grazing Yak herds and lush green valley of Yumthong. Duration: 70 minutes. Fare: Rs. 3750/- per person.
4.Khangchen-Dzonga Flight: Covers Teesta Valley between Mangan and Lachen, Lachen Monastery, Zemu Glacier / Green Lake, Packed ice contours / crevices at the base of Khangchen-Dzonga and close of view of Khangzen-Dzonga. Duration: 90 minutes. Fare: Rs. 5000/- per person.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

(*Approved by Department of Tourism, Government of India),
*Hotel Nor-khill**** Paljor Stadium Road,
*Hotel Tashi Delek**** M.G. Marg,
*Central Hotel*** 31-A National Highway,
*Hotel Tibet***, Paljor Stadium Road,
Hotel Anola, M.G. Marg,
Hotel Chumbi ResidencyTibet Road,
Denzong Inn, Denzong Cinema Chowk,
Hotel Himalchuli, 31-A National Highway,
Hotel Mayur, P.S. Road,, Rs. 800/-;
The Oriental, M.G. Marg,
Hotel Soyang, M.G. Marg,
Cherry Banks Retreat,

Other Hotels
Hotel Annapurna, M.G. Road, Hotel Bayul, M.G. Marg,
Hotel Chumila, P.S. Road,Dolph-Inn,
Deorali, Hotel Dongkheala, M.G. Marg,
Gangtok Lodge, M.G. Marg;
Hotel Golden Pagoda, M.G. Marg,
Green Hotel, M.G. Marg,
Hill View Hotel, M.G. Marg,
Hotel Kanchan View, Deorali,
Hotel Kanchenjunga, M.G. Marg,
Hotel Lhakar, P.S. Road,
Hotel Lhakpa, Tibet Road,
Hotel Mist Tree Mountain, P.S. Road, ,
Hotel Norbu Ghang, P.S. Road,
Hotel Sher-e-Punjab;
Sonam Delek Hotel, Tibet Road,
Tashi Lodge,
Travel Lodge,
Tibet Road,
Hotel Windsor,
Hotel Zan-Den, Old Children Park,

Other Accommodation
Hotel Mt. Jopuno, P.S. Road,.
Siniolochu Lodge (Sikkim Tourism), Enchey Monastery Road,
Mandaar Tourist Lodge(WBTDC), Development Area, T.N.H.S. Road,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Do-drul Chorten (Stupa); Deer Park, Timings : 0800 hrs. to 1100 hrs. on working days & 0800 hrs. to 1700 hrs. (Sundays);
Directorate of Handicraft & Handloom, Timings: 0930-1230 hrs. & 1300-1500 hrs,
Enchey Monastery (3 Km.);
Namgyal Research Institute of Tibetology - Timings:1000-1600 hrs. (Mon to Sat). Closed on second Saturdays and Govt. holidays;
Nam-Nang View Point;
Orchid Sanctuary;
Sa-Ngor-chotshog Centre (5 Km.)- A Tibetan refugee monastic institution;
View points – Ganesh Tok (7 Km.), Tashi View Point (8 Km.) and Hanuman Tok (11 Km.).
Saramsa Garden (14 Km.): It houses Sikkim’s many exotic orchids and other rare tropical and temperate plants;
Water Garden (16 Km.): Located on 31-A National Highway at Martam Khola, it is an ideal picnic spot with a small swimming pool for children;
Zurmang Kagyud Monastery at Lingdum (20 Km.): A place worth visiting for its religious and exquisite architecture;
Rumtek Dharma Chakra Centre(24 Km.): On the hill opposite Gangtok is the Rumtek Monastery, the Dharma Chakra Centre and the seat of the Kagyupa Order of Tibetan Buddhism. Accom: Sambhala Resort, Rumtek,
Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden (24 Km.): Situated at an altitude ranging between 1800 mt. to 2200 mt. and half a kilometer ahead of Rumtek Monastery, it comprises of virgin temperate forest of oak and as many as 50 different kinds of tree species. Timings: 1000 hrs. to 1600 hrs.;
Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary (25 Km.): The sanctuary covers an area of 51.76 Sq. Km. and is known to be home to a large number of wild orchids, rhododendrons and various species of wild animals and birds. A Log House with two rooms is available at Golitar and Tumin. Tariff: Rs. 50/- per person/night. Permission for a visit to the park must be obtained from the Chief Wildlife Warden (Wildlife), Forest Secretariat, Deorali, Gangtok.
Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary (26 Km.): Located en-route to Tsomgo Lake, this high altitude sanctuary covers an area of 4 Km. and has a breathtaking variety of flowers which remain in bloom from May to August. It is also an ideal habitat of the Red Panda and Blood Pheasant.
Tsomgo Lake (40 Km.): This lake is 1 Km. long, oval in shape, 15 Mt. deep and is situated at an altitude of 3780 Mt. During the months of May to August one can see a variety of flowers in bloom-the rhodendrons, primulas, blue & yellow poppies, etc. It is also an ideal habitat for the Red Panda, Ducks and other migratory birds. This lake remains frozen during the winter months upto Mid-May. It is open for both Foreign and Indian nationals. Foreign visitors have to be in a group of 2 or more and have to apply for the visitors permit through a registered Travel Agency.
Nathula(56 Km.): Nathula Pass is situated at an altitude of 14,200 ft. It is one of the highest motorable roads and is richly covered by many varities of alpine flora and fauna. Nathula is open only to Indian Nationals on Wed., Thu., Sat & Sun, with necessary permit from the Tourism Department in Gangtok.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
(Distances are from Gangtok)
Tashiding Monastery (104 Km): This 18th century monastery is built on top of a heart shaped hill
with the backdrop of the sacred Mt. Khangchen-Dzonga. Tashiding is famous for the most holy chorten known as “Thong-Wa-Rang-To”. The sacred “Water Festival” or “Bhumchu” which is unique to this monastery is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the Tibetan Calendar. The Monastery lies 44 Km. from Pemayangtse via Gyalshing and Legship and 19 Km. from Yuksam.
Soreng (112 Km.): It is a picturesque village with a beautiful landscape and is about 3 hours drive from Pemayangtse (54 Km.). Various species of birds and flowers can be seen at Jhandi Danra which is a short trek from Soreng. Accommodation: Hotel Deep; Hotel Hill Top; Hotel Ladenla; Hotel Lotus; Hotel Mid-Way; Hotel Pemathang; Hotel Rodhi; Hotel Uma and Hotel Yanki.
Pemayangtse(117 Km.): Pemayangtse is situated at a height of 6840 ft. in West Sikkim, 10 Km. from Gyalshing and commands an impressive view of Mount Kanchanjunga. The Pemayangtse Monastery is one of the oldest monastries, belonging to the Nyingmapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Pemayangtse is an ideal base for exploring nearby places of tourist interest and for treks to Yuksom and Dzongri. Accommodation: Hotel Mount Pandim (Sikkim Tourism), P.O. Pelling.
Pelling (119 Km.):Situated about 2 Km. from Pemayangtse, Pelling offers a panaromic view of the entire mountain ranges. About an hour’s drive from Pelling is the Khangchen-Dzonga waterfall. Accommodation at Pelling: Hotel Bintam, Chinari, Garuda, Heaven, Hindustan Lodge, Kabur, Kailash, Kecheperi, Norbu Gang Resort, Panorama,, Pemachen,Sikkim Tourist Centre, Silver Park, Snow White, Sonam Delek, Tashiling,
Rabdentse Ruins (119 Km.): This was the second capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Sikkim. The ruins of the town lie hidden at a walking distance from the Pemayangtse Monastery. The scenic view from the top of the ruins scanning across deep valleys to the mystic heights of the Khangchen-Dzonga ranges is something to be cherished.
Sangacholing Monastery (120 Km.): This monastery is situated on a ridge above Pelling and the famous Pemayangtse Monastery. Built in 1697 A.D., it is considered to be one of the oldest monasteries in the state. The monastery can be reached from Pelling by a 40 minutes walk up the steep hilly slope and through rich forest covers.
Dentem (136 Km.): Located 17 Km. from Pemayangtse, Dentem is famous for Alpine Cheese, a product of Indo-Swiss collaboration. Accommodation: Hotel Devika, Hotel Pravesh; Hotel Singshore, Hotel Suriya,
Singshore Bridge / Uttarey (142 Km.): This highest bridge in Sikkim is about 25 Km. from Pemayangtse. A further 20 minutes drive from here is, Uttarey, a base camp for the Singalila range trail. Accommodation: Hotel Green Valley, Uttarey, Hotel Singa Lilla, Uttarey,.
Khecheopalri Lake (145 Km.): Located 28 Km. from Pemayangtse, this lake is considered as sacred by both the Buddhists and Hindus. It is believed that birds do not permit even a single leaf to float on the lake surface. Accommodation in the form of Trekkers’ Hut and Pilgrim’s Hut are available for overnight stay. There is a motorable road from Pemayangtse right up to the lake area.
Versey (148 Km.): It lies at an elevation of 10,000 ft. and has a motorable road up to Hilley. From Hilley, a 4 Km. trek takes one up to the Versey Rhododendron Sanctuary. There is a Trekkers’ hut for overnight stay. Versey can also be reached from Dentam (14 Km. trek) which is 17 Km. from Pemayangtse and Soreng (10 Km. trek) which is 25 Km. from Naya Bazar.
Yuksam (154 Km.): This was the first Capital of Sikkim, where the first Chogyal of the Kingdom was consecrated in 1641 AD. Yuksom is 32 Km. from Pemayangtse and an all weather road connects both these places.
Dubdi Monastery, located atop a hill above Yuksam is surrounded by verdant forest and can be reached by a 40 minutes trek. The treks to Dzongri and to the base camp of Khangchen-Dzonga at Goe Chala (18,000 ft.) start from Yuksam. Accommodation: Hotel Arpon; Hotel Demazong; Hotel Dzongrilla; Hotel Pemathang; Hotel Tashi Gang; Hotel Wild Orchid; Hotel Yongri Gang.
Bakhim (168 Km.): A fascinating place with more than 20 varieties of rhododendrons. Bakhim is also the base for mountaineers and trekkers going to Dzongri, 10 km. away. Accommodation is available at a Forest Bungalow.
Dzongri (178 Km.): Dzongri, situated at an altitude of 3962 metres offers the most fascinating close-up view of the Khangchen-Dzonga mountain.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Kabi Lungchuk (17 Km.): This historical place is famous for the treaty of blood brotherhood signed between the Lepcha Chief and the Bhutia Chief.
Phensong Monastery (24 Km.): Situated on a gentle slope between Kabi and Phodong is the Phensong Monastery of the Nyingmapa Buddhist Order, built in 1721 and set amidst a beautiful landscape.
Phodong Monastery (38 Km.): One of the six major monasteries of Sikkim. Accommodation: Hotel Jyoti, Hotel New Northway, Hotel Northway, Hotel Yak & Yeti,
Labrang Monastery (42 Km.): This Monastery is unique in its architectural design and is located 4 Km. from Phodong Monastery.
Singhik (70 Km.): This place offers one of the most spectacular and closest views of the Mt. Khangchen Dzonga and its ranges and Mt. Siniolchu. This area also has a number of nature trails for 1 to 3 days. Accommodation: Singhik Tourist Lodge.
Chungthang (95 Km.): Located at the confluence of the two rivers, the Lachen Chu (which later evolves into the Teesta) and the Lachung Chu, it is the nodal junction for the two passes, Lachen and Lachung. Chungthang is rich in bio diversity with a large variety of orchids, plants and wildlife. It is 23 Km. from Lachung and 29 Km. from Lachen and is predominatly Lepcha region. Accommodation: Hotel Kyipsong, Pema Ghasal Hotel, Neelam Hotel and Sonam Hotel.
Lachung (118 Km.): A Bhutia village with unique culture and tradition. The Lachung Monastery on the slope opposite the highway is a focal point of all religious functions of the local inhabitants. Accommodation: Le Coxy Resort, Lalligurash Guest House, Orchid Lodge, Wild Orchid Lodge,
Lachen (120 Km.): It is situated at an altitude of 2750 Mts. The Lachen Monastery located on top of the village commands a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and country side. Accommodation: Juniper Resort,. About 3 hrs. drive from here is Thangu village at an altitude of 2750 mt., where visitors usually acclamatize themselves before they proceed to Guru-dongmar Lake, a sacred lake for both the Buddhists and Hindus or Muguthang.
Yumthang (140 Km.): At an elevation of 11,800 ft., Yumthang is a paradise for nature lovers with a fascinating blend of flora and fauna and breathtaking scenic beauty. Hot springs on the left bank of Lachung Chu are famous for their curative properties. Yumthang Valley is also the home of the Shingbha Rhododendron Sanctuary with 24 species of Rhododendrons.
Rangpo (39 Km.): While going to Sikkim, it is the first Sikkimese town on the Sikkim-West Bengal border. Accommodation:Tourist Centre, Rangpo,
Singchu-thang (45 Km.): It is a picturesque picnic spot on the banks of the river Teesta and is located at an altitude of 3500 ft. It is also an ideal place for white water rafting.
Temi Tea Garden (52 Km.): Enroute from Gangtok to Damthang is Temi Tea Garden, the
only tea garden in the state which produces top quality tea. The garden is located 13 Km. from Damthang and 7 Km. from Tarku.
Ravangla (65 Km.): At the base of Menam Hill is Ravangla, a small township and a transit point for treks to Menam Hill and Borong. Accommodation: Hotel 10 zing, Hotel Babyla, Hotel Floroda, Hotel Good Will, Hotel Mt. Narsing, Hotel Sanjivini & Annexe, Siddharth Cottage,Swallow’s Nest,
Menam Hill (78 Km.): Situated at an altitude of 10,300 ft. and 13 Km. from Ravangla, the scenic view from Menam Hill is, perhaps, unmatched. Mt. Khangchen-Dzonga and its surrounding ranges loom above to dwarf this richly forested and rugged hill. A short distance away is the legendary
Bhaley Dhunga, a kind of rocky spur which juts out from the ridge top and remains suspended in the air above Yangyang village. A Trek to Menam from Ravangla takes about 4 hours. From here, one can also undertake a gentle 3 hrs. trek to Borong, a picturesque village, famous for its beautiful landscape, magnificent view and the “Borong TsaChu hot spring.
Namchi (78 Km.): Nestled among the hills at an elevation of 5500 ft., Namchi is the headquarters of the south district and it commands a panoramic view of the snow clad mountains and the valley. The Children’s Park here is the venue for the annual flower exhibition held in February. Accommodation: Hotel Chang, Hotel Dokham, Hotel Keshang, Hotel Mayal, Hotel Nayuma, Hotel Norbu Linga, Hotel Rock Ville and Hotel Su Swagatam. Overlooking Namchi at a distance of 13 Km. is Damthang town. Above Damthang, just about two hours of casual walk from Damthang Bazar is the Tendong Hill. From here, one can enjoy a majestic view of the plains of Bengal and the Himalayan Ranges.
Sikip (103 Km.): Sikip is located on the banks of the Rangeet river. The drive from Gangtok to Sikip via Legship takes about 5 hours and it is also accessible from Siliguri and Darjeeling via Jorethang. This place is an Anglers paradise. Rafting is possible down the river Rangeet.
Phur Tsa-chu (110 Km.): Situated on the bank of river Rangeet is the hot spring Phur Tsa-chu, half an hour drive from Legship and one hour from Jorethang. Pilgrims come to take a dip in the hot spring during the months January to March.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
River Rafting (on Teesta & Rangeet River): Best Season: October-December. i. Teesta Experience: Makha-Sirwani-Bardang-Rangpo. ii. Rangeet Experience: Makha-Sirwani-Bardang-Rangpo.
Kayaking: Kayaking is undertaken on the Teesta and is arranged for special groups;
Hang Gliding: Hang Gliding has been introduced in Yumthang and Jorethang;
Mountain Biking: This sport is being promoted in most parts of North and West Sikkim;
Trekking: Some suggested trekking routes are :- i. Monastic Trek (March-May / October-December): Pemayangtse - Sangacholing - Khacheopalri - Dubdi - Sinon - Tashiding - Ralang; ii. Rhododendron Trek (March-May) : Naya Bazar-Hilley/Soreng - Varsey - Dentam-Pemayangtse; iii. Khangchen-Dzonga Trek (Mid March-Mid June / October-December): Yaksum - Bakhim - Tsokha - Dzongri - Thangsing / Bikbari -Zemathang / Chaurigang - Goecha La / Rathong Glacier and back; iv. Coronation Trek (Oct- Dec) : Rumtek - Sang - Yangang - Ravangla - Tashiding - Yuksam.
Kolkata, the capital of the state of West Bengal and its geginning 300 years ago when Job Charnock from the East India Company established a small trading post in the estuary of the River Hooghly, Kolkata, today, is a lively city with imperial edifices, teeming bazaars, gardens and golf courses, museums and elegant hotels. It is also an important center of commerce and arts.
Area : 187 Sq. Km. Altitude : 5.8 Mts.
Temperature : Summer : Max : 41.7 C Min : 38.1 C
Winter : Max : 29.3 C Min : 9.6 C
Rainfall : 158 Cms. (June to Mid September)
Season : Throughout the year. STD Code : 033
Air : Netaji Subhash Cjhandra Bose Air Port of Kolkata is connected by both Indian Airlines with major cities in India.
Rail : Kolkata is connected by rail with most cities / towns in India.
Road : Good motorable roads connect Kolkata with Bhubaneshwar 498 Kms., Chandernagore 39 Kms., Darjeeling 678 Kms., Delhi 1490 Kms., Digha 185 Kms., Gangtok 771 Kms., Guwahati 1164 Kms., Kalimpong 721 Kms., Mumbai 2060 Kms., Murshidabad 221 Kms., Siliguri 651 Kms., Varanasi 681 Kms., Vishnupur 151 Kms.
The following tours are organized by the West Bengal Tourism Dev. Corpn. (WBTDC), from the Tourism Center, Govt. of West Bengal, 3/2 BBD Bagh (East),
1. City Tour I : Covers Eden Gardens, High Court, Writer’s Building , Belur Math (Via Rabindra Sethu), Dakshineshwar Kali Temple , Jain Tampel ,Victoria Memorial , Nehru Children’s Museum or BITM (On Thursday Only ) , Zoological Gardens, National Library, River side. Timings: 0730-1700 hrs.(Daily).Museums are closed on Monday .
2. City Tour II : Covers st.John’s Church ,Vidyasagar Sethu, Botnical Gardens,Tagor House ,Swabhumi Heritage Park ,Nicco Amusement Park ,Salt lake stedium,Salt Lake City ,Birla Mandir/Netaji Bhavan,Kalighat Temple .Timing: 0830-1730 hrs. (Daily).Museums are closed on Mondays . In addition to the above ,WBTDC also organizes Shantinikatan Tour (2 nights – 3 days): Covers Shantiniketan, Bakreshwar, Tarapith, Massanjore.
3. Vishnupu Tour (2 Nights – 3 Days) : Covers Vishnupur – Jairambati – Kamarpukur – Mukutmanipur,.Sunderban Tour: (a.) M.V. Chitrarekha – (1 Night 2 Days) covers Sajnekhali, Sudhyanakhali and Netidhopani, Buridhabri and Jhingakhali. Fare per person; Couple Rs.3600/-, Rs.2900/-, Cubilcle Rs.2700/-, Lower Deck Rs.2050/-, Bedroll Rs.1750/-, (c.) By M.V. Sarbojagaya (1 Night 2 Days) covers Bhagabatpur – Kalas – Dhanchi..
City Tour: Covers Dakshineshwar Temple, Belur Math, Jain Temple, Nicco Park, Indian Museum, Victoria Memorial, Zoological Garden, Nehru Children’s Museum. Timings: 0800-1730 Hrs. Fare: Rs.130/- (Excluding Entry Fee)
Heritage Tram Tour: This unique tram ride takes tourist on a magical tour of the classical redbrick quarters of north Kolkata. It operates every Sunday from 0700 Hrs. to 1200 Hrs. Fare: Rs. 150/-. Contact West Bengal Tourism
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
(* Hotels approved by the Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India).
*The Oberoi Grand***** Dlx, Jawaharlal Nehru Road,
*The Park Hotel***** Dlx. Park Street,
*Taj Bengal***** Dlx,Belvedere Road,
*Hotel Hindustan International***** ,
*MBD Airport Hotel*****,N.S.C.B. Intl. Airport,
The Kenilworth****,Little Russel St.,
Peerless Inn Hotel****
J.Nehru Road,
Hotel Rutt Deen***Loudon Street,
Lytton Hotel***,Sudder Street,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Hotel Akash Ganga, 1 Orient Row, Hotel Camac Plaza, New Park Street,
Hotel Circular, Charya C.B. Road,
Fairlawn Hotel, Sudder Street ,
Hotel Kalinga, Ram Krishna Pally, Malda,
Hotel Park Palace, Garihat Road,
The Samilton, Sarat Bose Road,
Hotel Swagath, Hazra Road,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Byepass Swimming and Resorts Ltd., East Topsia Road,
Executive Point, Lake Terrace,
Hotel Lindsay, Lindsay Street,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
A.V Hotels Pvt. Ltd., Sambhu Mallick Lane,
Astoria Hotel, Sudder Street,
Hotel Avenue Club, Chittaranjan Avenue,
Beeu Hotels Pvt. Ltd., B.B.Ganguly Street,
Hotel Circular, J.C.B Road,
Hotel Downtown, VIP Road,
Hotel Executive Tower, Ananda Patil Road,
Hotel Gulshan International, Royal Street,
Grerat Eastern Hotel, Old Court House Street,
Hotel Host International, VIP Road,
Hotel Himalaya, M.G. Road,
Kings Crown, V.I.P Road,
Hotel Minerva, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,
Hotel Middletown Inn, Middletown Street,
New Central Hotel, Chittaranjan Avenue,
North Star Hotel, Dum Dum Road,
Hotel Plaza, Sudder Street,
Hotel Rituraj, Madan Mohan Burman Street,
Roland Hotel, Rowland Road,
Hotel Royal Garden, Park Street,
Hotel Shalimar, S.N. Bannerjee Road,
The tarrif of the following hotels ranges from Rs.300/- to Rs.500/- for a single room and from Rs.400/- to Rs.850/- for a double room.
Hotel Balaji, Mukhram Kanoria Road,
Hotel Bliss, Rash Behari Avenue,
Hotel Holiday Home, Princep Street,
Hotel Meghdoot, Dobson Lane,
Moon Guest House, 17, Zakaria Street,
Hotel Natraj, Dobson Alne,
Hotel Saha, S.N. Bannerjee Road,
Rajasthan Guest House, Zakaria Street,
Hotel Wellesly, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
1. Udayachal Tourist Hostel (WBTDC), Bidhanagar (Salt Lake City),
2. Ramkrishna Mission Guest House, Golopark,
3. Youth Hostel (A.R Foundation), 10, Jayanarayan Babu Ananda Dutta Lane.
4. Y.W.C.A, Middletown Row,
5. Y.M.C.A, 25 J Nehru Road,
6. Rail Yatri Niwas, Howrah Station,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Agro-Horticultural Gardens;
Armenianh Church,

BBD Bagh (Dalhousie Square): Dalhousie Square (renamed Binoy-Badal-Dinesh Bagh after the three martyrs of the Bengal), in the heart of the imperial capital of Kolkata, is surrounded by historical buildings;
Botanical Gardens: In these Gardens there is a 200 years old Banyan Tree, the largest in the world.Timings: 0700 Hrssto 1700 Hrs,
Belur Math: Headquarters of the International Ramkrishna Mission. Symbolic of its beliefs, the Belur Math Shrine represents a church, a mosque and a temple when viewed from different angles. Timings: 0630 to 1200 Hrs & 1530 to 1830 Hrs. Daily.
Dakshineshwar Kali Temple: Famous for its association with Ramkrishna, who achieved spiritual vision here. Eden Gardens;
Fort Williams: Named after King William III of England;
Howrah Bridhe: This unique Cantilever bridgr joins the main Railway Station (for Kolkata) and the industrial city of Howrah with the city of the Kolkata.; Jain Temple; The Maidan: The only Ladies Golf Club in India is situated in the Maidan in between the Indira Gandhi, Sarani and the Lovers Lane;
Nakhoda Mosque: The architecture of the mosque is Indo – Sarcenic, modeled on the tomb of the Akbar at Sikandra near Agra.;
Rabindra Sarovar: Originally named as Dhakuria Lake, this is a pleasant picnic spot; Saint Pauls Cathedral;
Tagore House: At Chitpur, is the house of the Rabindranath Tagore, the great poet, where he was born and later died. It is a national monument; Zoological Gardens: Opened in the 1876 to coincide with the visit of the Prince of Wales. White tigers can be seen here.
Academy of Fine Arts: Site of visual arts and Bengal Theater. Permenant galleries include medieval Bengali and Indian miniature paintings, textiles and the Rabindra Gallery. Asutosh Timings: 1030 Hrs to 1700 Hrs. Closed on Weekends and antiquity with special emphasis on eastern India. Timings: 1030 to 1300 Hrs.(Mon – Fri); Bangjya Sahitya Parishad Chitrashala;
Birla Planetorium: The largest plenetorium in the South East Asia, It has three regular shows a day with commentaries in Bengali, Hindi and English. 1230 to 1830 Hrs. Entry Fee: Rs.10/- and Rs.20/- (Closed on Mon.);
Birla Industrial and Technological Museum: A mini coal mine is the main attraction. It has working models in the popular science, motive power, mining, metals, petroleum etc. Timings: 1000 to 1730 Hrs. Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays. Entry Fee: Indians – Rs.10/-, Foreigners Rs.150/-;
Kolkata Panorama: The first high tech story telling museum which has latest electronic media including animated period settings and walk through diaromas actuated by light and sound, video, virtual reality, animatronics, computer multi media and multi screen LCD projections. Visitors can take part in the past event crossing the barriers of apace and time. (Timings: 1100 Hrs. to 1800 Hrs. Except Monday),
Marble Palace: It has the collections of one man, Raja Rajendra Mullick and includes statues, paintings and pottery (Closed on Mon. /Thu.);
National Library: Formerly Belvedere House, it was the official residence of the Lieutenant Governors of Bengal. It now houses the National Library, with the largest collection of books in India including rare and valuable manuscripts.
Netaji Museum: On Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani, collections kept in the ancestoral house of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, include personal effects, photographs, letters of Netaji and other documents, as well as a good collection of photographs and documents on India’w struggle for freedom.
Nehru Children’s Museum: Clay dolls depicting the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are on display,. Timings Wed. – Sun. 1100 to 1900 Hrs, Tue 1400 Hrs to 1900 Hrs. Closed on Monday. Entry Fee: Rs.5/-. Raj Bhavan;
Rabindra Bharti Museum: Located in the ancestoral house of Rabindranath Tagore and attatched to the Rabindra Bharti University. Timings: 1000 to 1700 Hrs. (Mon – Fri), 1000 to 1400 Hrs. (Sat) 1100 to 1400 Hrs. (Sun and Holidays). Science City: It has a space theater, space flights etc. an area of knowledge and adventure. Timings: Daily 0900 to 2100 Hrs;
Shri Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture: This large multi storeyed building and an architectural masterpiece houses an excellent library, reading room, lecture theatres.
State Archaeological Gallery: The collections here are the rare tools of the early, middle and the later stone age from Susania (Bankura) and other excavations sites, proto historic antiquities, terracotta sculptures, stone and stucco from the Gupta, Maurya, Sunga, Kushana, Pala and mediaval times.State Archives, Government of West Bengal: Collections include Persian, Dutch and Danish records.;
Victorai Memorial: Designed by Sir William Emerson in Italian Renaissance-cum-Sarcenic style, it has been built of white marble. There are 3500 exhibits in 25 galleries. Entrance Rs.10/- (Indians) Rs.150/- (Foreigners). Timings: 1000 Hrs. to 1700 Hrs. Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays. Sound and Light Shows. Timings: Winter: 1815 Hrs. (Bengali) & 1915 Hrs. (English), Summer: 1915 Hrs. (Bengali) & 2015 Hrs.(English)
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Barrackpur (25 Kms.): On the banks of the river Hooghly is Gandhi Ghat, a memorial to Gandhiji and a garden – Jawahar Kunj. Ideal for a weekend picnic; Chandrakuter Garh at
Berachapa (30 Kms.): Ruins of an ancient palace and temples have been excavated here;
Chandernagore (39 Kms.): A former French colony, it is a beautifully laid down town. The Bhubhaneshawri and the Nandadulal temples here are worth a visit;
Devanandpur (44 Kms.): Birthplace of the famous Bangali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyaya;
Tribeni (48 Kms.): It is the confluence of the three rivers, Ganga, Saraswati and Kunti;
Diamond Harbour (51 Kms.): An ideal place for picnic. Motor launches run to Sagar Island from here. One can also take a country boat trip to the estuary. Accomodations: Sagarika Tourist Lodge. Tariff: Rs.650 – 770/-; Gadaria (88 Kms.): A picnic spot.;
Jattar Deul (112 Kms.): A magnificient temple of Nagar Design, this is one of the rare specimens of Bengal; Architecture;
Nabadwip (Nadia) (114 Kms.): There are numerous temples here. It is connected with Mayapur by a bridge over the river Hooghly;
Sunderbans (131 Kms.): Unique delta forests spread over 2606 Sq. Kms., the Sunderbans is the largest estuarine mangrove forest in the world. It is a biosphere reserve sanctuary and a Project Tiger Area. Domain of the Royal Bengal Tiger, other wildlife includes spotted deer, wild boar, many species of monkeys, snakes and large crocodiles. Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, Netidhopani and Buridhabri. Sunderbans is accessible by boat only and conducted tours are organized by motor launch from Kolkata by WBTDC. From Kolkata there are suburban trains to Canning and buses to Namkhana, Rajdighi, Najat and Sonakhali from where Motor Launch services are available. Accomodations: Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge,
Bakkhali (132 Kms.): A beach of great natural beauty, flanked by groves of coconut trees. Accomodations: Bakkhali Tourist Lodge P.O. Laxmipur – Prabartak,
Mayapur (134 Kms.): Headquarters of ISKCON;
Ganga Sagar (Sagardweep Islands – 135 Kms.): Sagardweep is where the sacred river Ganga flows into the Bay of Bengal. It is a holy place for the Hindus. It is believed that a dip here on Makar – Sankranti in mid January every year, frees one from the cycle of birth and death. Gangasagar mela, one of the largest fairs of West Bengal is also held at the ame time on the island. In addition to its religious importance, the silvery expanse of the beach and calm sea at Sagardweep provide a perfect setting for a quiet holiday. During Mela times there is a direct launch from Kolkat to Sagardweep which takes 11 hours. During other times one can reach Sagardweep via Diamond harbour point (48 Kms.) or Namkhana.
The routes are 1.) From Kolkata – Kakadweep (85 Kms.) by bus Harward Point (3 Kms.) by - bus Kuchi Baria (half an hour by launch) – Sagardweep (half hour by launch) – Sagardweep (one and a half hour by bus). 2.) Kolkata – Namkhana (two and a half hour by bus). During the mela temporary tents are put up by the state government and social organizations. Temple is open throughout the year, but noty advisable to visit during monsoon. Accomodations: Larica Sagar Vihar*, Gangasagar, Diamond Harbour Tourist Lodge, (Sagarika),
Jairambati (138 Kms.): Birthpalce of Sharada Devi, the holy consort of Shree Ramakrishna, it has a fine temple;
Plassey (172 Kms.): On the way of Behrampore this is the famous battlefield where the British made their first signicant conquest in India;
Digha (185 Kms): One of the finest beaches of India. Accomodations: Hotel Sea Hawk**, Hotel Host, Barrister Colony, Digha Tourist Lodge, Vishnupur (200 Kms.): It is famous for its 17 – 18th Century Bengal Teractta Temples. It is also known as the birth place of the Dhrupad style of Classical Indian Vocal Indian Music. Accomodations: Vishnupur Tourist Lodge,
Murshidabad (221 Kms.): Places of interst here are Hazardurai (the Nawabs place with the portrait gallery), Durbar Hall, etc. and now a fine museum, the Arsenal, the Khoshbagh (the cemetary of Nawab Ali Bordi, Siraj-Ud-Daula ), Katra Mosque, Moti Jheel (the lake and the ruins of the begum Ghaseti’s Palace), Jafargunj Palace and the cemetery, the palace of MirJafar and the burial grounds of his family, Katgolar Bagan and t he temple of Jagat Seth. Accomodations: Barhanpur Tourist Lodge, Dist. Murshidabad,Shantinekatan : The abode of peace, was initially an Ashram or hermitage founded in 186 3 by the Maharshi Devendra Nath Tagore. In 1901, Rabindranath Tagore converted into an experimental open air school. It proved a success and has become a seat of learning. Accomodations: Shantiniketan Tourist Lodge, Shantiniketan Tourist Lodge,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Darjeeling, the Queen of hill resorts, is situated amidst the shadows of the mighty Kanchenjunga. Darjeeling is also famous for producing one of the finest teas in the world.
Area : 11.44 Sq.Km. Altitude : 2134 Metres.
Temperature : Summer Max: 14.9 Deg.C. Min: 8.6 Deg. C.
Winter Max: 6.1 Deg. C. Min: 1.5 Deg. C.
Rainfall : 320 cms.
Season : March to Mid June & Mid-Sept to November
STD Code : 0354.
Air : Bagdogra, the nearest airport (90 kms) is connected by Indian Airlines flights with Kolkata, Delhi and Guwahati.
Rail : Darjeeling is connected by the famous toy train to New Jalpaiguri 87Km., which in turn is connected to major cities in India.
Road : Darjeeling is connected by road with Kolkata via Siliguri 651 Km., Gangtok 100 Km., Guwahati 500 Km, Kalimpong 52 Km., Kathmandu via Siliguri & Kakarvitta 544 Km., Kurseong 32 Km., Mirik 49 Km., Mumbai via Siliguri 2218 Km., Patna 550 Km. and Siliguri 80 Km.
The Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC) conducts the following tours during season. For Reservations contact-Tourist Bureau, Govt of West Bengal, Nehru Road, Darjeeling.
1. Tiger Hill Tour: Covers Tiger Hill, Samten Choling Monastery and Batasia Loop. Timings: 0400-0730 hrs.
2. Local Sightseeing Tour: Covers Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Himalayan Zoological Park, Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre, Darjeeling Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway, Tenzing and Gombu Rock, Happy Valley Tea Estate, Lebong Race Course. Timings: 0930-1230 hrs. & 1400-1700 hrs.
3. Local Sightseeing Tour: Covers Japanese Temple, Lal Kothi, Ava Art Gallery, Dhirdham Temple, Natural History Museum. Timings: 0930-1230 hrs. & 1400-1700 hrs.
4. Mirik Tour: Covers Mirik Lake, Pashupati Nagar. Timings: 0830-1730hrs
5. Rock Garden & Gangamaya Park Tour: Timings: 0930-1230 hrs. & 1400-1700 hrs.
(* Hotels approved by Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India.)
*Fortune Central Hotel (Heritage),
*Windamere Hotel Pvt. Ltd. (Heritage) Observatory Hill,
*Hotel Mohit (P) Ltd.,*** Mount Pleasant Rd,
*New Elgin Hotel*** HD Lama Road,
*Hotel North Star***11, H.D. Lama Road ,
*Hotel Sinclairs Darjeeling *** Gandhi Road,
*Hotel Garuda**Laden-la Road,
*Hotel Seven Seventeen**,H.D. Lama Road,
Hotel Apsara, Laden-la Road,
Hotel Bellevue, The Mall,
Hotel Chancellor, Dr. S.M. Das Road,
Hotel Lunar, Gandhi Road,
Pineridge Hotel, The Mall,
Hotel Rockville,
Hotel Shambhu, Gandhi Road,
Sterling Holiday Resort, Ghoom,
Swiss Hotel, Gandhi Road,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Other Hotels
Tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.200/- to Rs.400/- for a single room and Rs. 300/- to Rs.600/- for a double room.
Hotel Alice Villa, HD Lama Road,
Hotel Aranika, Chowrasta Rd,
Blue Diamond Hotel,S.M.Das Rd,
Central Boarding, N.C. Goenka Road
Charlie International,
Ladenla Road,
Daffodil Hotel, N.B.Singh Road;
Darjeeling Guest House, 16, D.B.Giri Road;
Dona Hotel, Loreto Convent Road,
Lochnagar, Flora Hotel, 7,
Dr. S.M.Das Rd,
Giri Hotel, Tamang Buddhist Monastery Rd;
Himgiri Lodge, H.D Lama Road;
Himachal, Hill Cart Road,
Kadambari, 14 Good Road;
Kailash Hotel, Opp. Rly Stn;
Majestic 16, M. C . Road ,
Morning Glory, 6/1 Lochnagar Road,
Nirvana, S.K.Paul Road,
New Mount View Hotel .N.Banerjee lane,
Sunflower, The Mall, Springburn, 70, Gandhi Road,
Savvy Hotel, Robertson Road,
Tushita Guest House, Dr.Zakir Husain Road,
Orchid Guest House, 15, M.C.Rd ;
Welkin Hotel, 11 A, Cooch Behar Road,
Hotel Mount Pleasant, H.D.Lama Road,
Sourya Continental, 144,
Dr. Zakhir Hussain Road,
Hotel Sweet Home International

Other accommodation
Tourist Lodge (WBTDC), Bhanu Sarani ,
Maple Tourist Lodge (WBTDC), Old Kutchery Road,
Tiger Hill Tourist Lodge (WBTDC), PO Ghoom,
Youth Hostel , Dr.Zakir Hussain Rd,
Lowis Jubilee Complex (DGHC) , Dr.S.K.Paul Road,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Ava Art Gallery,
Batasia Loop,
Bhutia Basty Monastery,
Darjeeling Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway,
Dhirdham Temple,
Drukpa Kargyod (Monastry),
Happy Valley Tea Estate,
Hayden Hall,
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Lal Kothi,
Lebong Race Course,
Observatory Hill,
Lloyds Botanical Garden,
Natural History Museum,
Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park,
Sain's Himalayan Art Gallery,
Samtencholing Monastery,
The Shrubbery,
Tenzing Rock & Gombu Rock,
Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre,
Tiger Hill, YIGA - Choling Buddhist Monastery Ghoom.
Senchel Lake (10 Km.): A picnic spot and the source of water supply to Darjeeling.
Singlal (10 Km) : It is connected by the Darjeeling - Rangeet Valley passenger ropeway.
Majitar (21 Km.) : A picturesque picnic spot. Swimming & angling is allowed.
Takdah (26 Km.) : Famous for its Orchid Culture Centre with110 varieties of orchids.
Bijanbari (38 Km.) : A picnic spot at an altitude of 762 mts., near the little Rangeet river.
Sandakphu (58 Km) : Sandakphu is an excellent trek from Darjeeling.
Siliguri (80 Km) : Siliguri is rightly called the gateway to North Eastern India. It is the main transit point for Darjeeling, Kalimpong and the seven sisters. Accom: Hotel Sinclairs, Pradhan Nagar, Hotel Mount View, Hill Cart Rd ; Hotel Cindrella, Sevoke Road, Hotel Payasi, Siliguri Tea Auction Road, Mallaguri, Viramma Resorts & Hotels, Hill Cart Road,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Fishing: Fishing is available in the deep waters of the Teesta or Rangeet. Fishing spots are at Majhitar, Singla, Rungdung Relli, Reyang, Balasun etc.
Mountain Biking : A newly introduced adventure sport.
Rock Climbing & Mountaineering: The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute conducts Rock Climbing courses at the Tenzing & Gomby Rock faces.
White Water Rafting: The challenging waters of the Teesta extend an invitation as one of the finest venues in the world.
Trekking : Some important trekking routes in the region are :
1. Darjeeling - Manaybhanjang - Tanghi - Sandakphu - Phalut (118 Km.).
2. Darjeeling - Manaybhanjang - Tanghi- Sandakphu- Phalut - Rammam - Rimbick -
Jnepi - Bijambari - Darjeeling (153 Km.).
3. Darjeeling - Manaybhanjang - Tanghi - Sandakphu - Phalut - Rammam - Rimbick -
Palmajna - Batasi - Manaybhanjang - Darjeeling (178 Km).
( 32 Km from Darjeeling)
The quaint little town of Kurseong is perched at an altitude of 4864 ft. Kurseong is famous for its tea gardens which produce some of the world’s finest teas. Kurseong is 51 km. from Siliguri on the main road, and is also an important stop on the toy train route. It is connected by road with Darjeeling, Guwahati 560 km., Calcutta 636 km., Delhi,1359 km. and Kathmandu 621 km.
1.WBTDC Tourist Lodge, Hill Cart Road,
2. Amarjeet Hotel, 12, Hill Cart Road,
Ambotia, Deer Park,
Dowhill, Eagle's crag,
Giddhapahar Mandir,
Kettle Valley picnic Spot,
Netaji Kothi, St.Mary's Hill.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
The biggest attraction in Kurseong are the treks and walks through wooded hills and manicured tea gardens. Some picturesque trekking routes are :
1.St. Alphonsus School via Dowhill road -Deer Park Victoria School and back (7 km.)
2. Kurseong Rly Stn-Kurseong College via Dowhill road, Forest Museum and back (1km)
3. Tourist Centre - Monteviot Tea Estate - Air Station and back. (7 &1 /2 km.)
4. Kurseong Town - Naya Basti Gidda Mandir - Gidda Pahar and back (9 km.)
5. St. Mary`s Hill - Ranger College - Deorali - Chimney - Ranger`s College -St.Mary`s Hill
and back (11 km)
(49 Km from Darjeeling)
Situated at an altitude of 1700 mts., Mirik is one of the newer hill stations in the country. Beside tea, Mirik is famous for its orange orchards and cardamom groves.
Mirik is 49 km from Darjeeling, 39 km from Kurseong and 52 km from Siliguri. The nearest railheads are Ghoom (41km), Darjeeling (49 km) and New Jalpaiguri (52km).
Conducted tours by luxury coach from Darjeeling to Mirik (return the same day), are organised during season, by the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC).
Chandrama Lodging Centre,
Hotel Jagjeet, P.O. Krishnanagar,
Regal Hotel ;
Vasthan Hotel.
Other Accommodation :
Tourist Motel (DGHC) ,
Tourist Hostel (DGHC) ,
Tourist Cottages (DGHC)
Youth Hostel.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Kawlay Dara, Cardamom Grove, Debi-Sthan, Deosi Dara, Orange Orchards, Rai Dhap, The Sumendu lake, Tea Estates.
The treking route from Mirik to Sandakphu, Phalut is very popular. Short treks from Mirik to Kurseong via Bason river and Namsu can also be done in one day.
(51 Km. from Darjeeling)
The drive from Darjeeling to Kalimpong is a very scenic one, passing through rich forest, gigantic trees and tea gardens.
Bus services connect Kalimpong with Darjeeling (51 Km), Calcutta (651Km), Gangtok (75 Km) , Guwahati (513Km) and Kurseong (77Km).
Hotel Silver Oaks,
Kalimpong Park Hotel, Rinkingpong Road,
Hotel Himalayan
Other Hotels
The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.200 to 400/- for a single and from Rs.250/- to Rs.600/- for a double room :
Hotel Chimal,
Hotel Cosy Nook ,
Dikki Lodge,
Drolma Hotel Gompu's
Hotel, Himalayan
Hotel, Janakee Lodge,
Mountville Guest House ,
Munal Lodge,
Sood's Guest House,
Thakur Guest Cottages,

Other Accommodation
(1) Hill Top Tourist Lodge,
(2) Kalimpong Tourist Lodge,
(3) Morgan House Tourist Lodge,
(4) Tashiding Tourist Lodge,
(5) Shangrila Tourist Lodge,.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Deola Hill,
Dr.Graham's Homes,
Dupin Dara, Flower Nurseries,
Mangal Dham,
Thongsa Monastery,
Tibetan Monastery.
Rississum Forest Bungalow (20 Km.) : Built on the ruins of a Bhutanese Monastery .
Munsong Forest Bungalow (25 Km.) : Beautifully situated in the midst of a teak forest.
Lava Forest Bungalow (32 Km.) : On a clear day, Jelep La & Rechi La passes are visible from here.
Takdah Orchid Centre (44 Km.) : Run by the West Bengal Forest Devt. Corpn.
Lolay Gaon Forest Bungalow (55 Km.): One can see the sunrise on Mount Everest.
Bhalu Khop Village : It offers excellent views of the Sikkim Hills, Kanchenjunga and the Tibet Frontier when the weather is good. Chitry Falls : Located 5 Km. above the Teesta bridge, it takes 2 hours to go down and 3 hours to return.
Labha: From here one can see the snow view of Kanchenjunga (Altitude 28,146 feet) as well as the plains of Mal Bazar. It is also famous for flowers and orchids.
Relli Bridge:This is a strenous walk, down to the river Relli and 2 hours back up the hill.
Samthar: The Samthar plateau is a world, unknown to people. Situated in this serene and tranquil fairy tale setting is the 'Farm House Inn'.
( 224 Km. from Darjeeling & 124 Km. from Siliguri )
This sanctuary was constituted in the year 1941 for the protection of wildlife, particularly the one horned rhinoceros. Best Season : October to May (particularly March and April).
Air : Bagdogra is the nearest airport, 160 km via Siliguri.
Rail : All the mail / express trains stop at Birpara / Hasimara railway station 20 Km from the sancturay. Only passenger trains stop at Madarihat Railway Station. (7 km from the sanctuary).
Road : Jaldapara is connected by road with Darjeeling (224 Km.) and Siliguri (124 Km.).
Jaldapara Tourist Lodge, P.O. Madarihat , Hollong Forest Lodge, P.O.Madarihat.
(Distances from Madarihat)
Totopara ( 30 Km.) : A small village on the banks of the Toorsa near the Bhutan border which is the only habitation of the Dooars aboriginals, the Totos.
Buxa Duar (60 km) : A fort at an altitude of 867 metres on the Sinchula Range guarding the most important of the eleven routes into Bhutan, the Buxa Duar.
Jayanti (75 Km.) : A beautiful picnic spot on the banks of the Jayanti river.
Bhutan Ghat (85 Km.) : A picnic spot with beautiful forests and tea gardens.
Nalajar Garh: A forgotten ruined fort dating back to the Gupta Age (4th - 6th century AD).
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Arunachal Pradesh, the largest state, area wise, in the North-Eastern region, is a land of lush green forests, deep river valleys and beautiful plateaus. It stretches from snow capped mountains in the north to the plains of the Brahmaputra valley in the south. The land is mostly mountainous, with the Himalayan ranges along the northern borders criss-crossed with mountain ranges running north-south, dividing the state into five river valleys : Kameng, Subansiri, Siang, Lohit and Tirap.
The capital of Arunachal Pradesh is actually two twin towns, Naharlagun – the older town and Itanagar – the official capital. Itanagar, located in the Himalayan foothills of Lower Subansiri district, derived its name from Itafort, meaning fort of bricks. The city, with ruins of an old palace & traces of an ancient capital has been identified with Mayapur of the Jitri dynasty of the 11th century.
Naharlagun                                     Itanagar
Altitude : 200 Metres                      750 Metres
Rainfall : 270 Cm.                            300 Cm.
Temperature : Max: 40 Deg.C.   Max: 38 Deg.C.
Min: 7 Deg.C.                                  Min: 5 Deg.C.
Best Season : October to March.
Air : The nearest airport is Tezpur in Assam (216 Km from Naharlagun and 226 Km from Itanagar), which is connected with Kolkata and Dimapur.
Rail : The nearest railhead is Harmoti in Assam (33 Km. from Itanagar & 23 Km. from Naharlagun) which is connected by train services from Kamakhya station. However a convenient railhead is North Lakhimpur in Assam, 57 km from Itanagar.
Road : Itanagar and Naharlagun are connected by motorable roads with Dibrugarh 375 Km., Guwahati 429 Km., Imphal 495 Km., Jorhat 245 Km., Kaziranga 314 Km., Kohima 350 Km., Kolkata 1571 Km., Nogaon 275 Km., Shillong 481 Km., Tezpur 220 Km., Tinsukia 415 Km.
Conducted Tours : The Department of Tourism, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh arranges package tour for foreign and domestic tourists.
(* Hotels approved by the Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India)
At Itanagar *Hotel Doyni-Polo Ashoka ,Hotel Arun Subansiri Zero Point, Tinali, Hotel Bomdila,
Other Hotels
The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.150 - 350/- for a single room and from Rs. 250 - 700/- for a double room :
Hotel Alpine,
Hotel Blue Pine,
Ganga Market,
Hotel Hemika,
Himalaya Hotel, Ganga Market
Hotel Itafort,
Hotel Jimsi,
Hotel Kameng
Hotel Kosaing,
Hotel Shangrila,
Ganga Market.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

At Naharlagun
The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs. 150/- to Rs. 300/- for a single room and from Rs. 250/- to Rs. 450/- for a double room.
Hotel Alena,
Hotel Arunachal,
Hotel Chandni,
Super Market,
Hotel Ganesh,
Hotel Lakshmi,
Hotel Rajhans,
Hotel River View,
Hotel Simong,
Super Market,

Other Accommodation
State Guest House,
Youth Hostel,

At Itanagar
Ganga Sagar Lake - (Gyaker Sinyi) : A 6 Km drive from Itanagar to the Ganga Sagar lake takes one through primaeval jungles, bamboo groves and orchids. The lake, situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, is surrounded by land mass and hard rock with slopes varying from 10 to 60 degrees. These hills support a dense semi-evergreen type of forest consisting of many interesting plant species.
The Buddhist Monastery : A new, yellow roofed shrine, the Buddhist temple rises from well maintained grounds.
Itafort : A historical fort of an irregular shape, built mainly with bricks. This archaeological monument is ascribed to the 14th century AD and is associated with a Hindu King Ramchandra of Mayapuri.
The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum: This two storeyed musem houses various sections on textiles, archaeology, ornaments, basketry, weapons and household articles depicting the life style and socio-economic heritage of the different tribes of the stste. Timings :1000 hrs. to 1600 hrs. (Monday Closed).
Zoological Park: The Royal Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Black Bear, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Panther, Great Indian Hornbill and varieties of rare birds can be seen here.
At Naharlagun
Handicraft Centre: This establishment offer a good range of shawls, carpets, carved baskets and the beautiful cane and bamboo works, in which the north-east excels.
Polo Park : An interesting little botanical garden atop a ridge overlooking the town.
I. Bhalukpong, Tipi, Rupa, Bomdila, Dirang,Tse-la, Tawang.
(Distances from Tezpur, unless otherwise stated.)
Bhalukpong (65Km.) : 182 Km from Itanagar, it is a historical place with a Buddhist stupa. On the way to Tipi, from Bhalukpong, after crossing the Kameng River, you can visit the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary , famous for the Horn Bill, the state bird of A.P.
Circuit House (PWD), Forest Rest House,
Tippi (7 Km. From Bhalukpong) : On the way to Bomdila, on the banks of the river Bharali, lies the flora – glass house of Tipi, where around 500 species of orchids can be seen in the Orchidarium.
24 km. From Tipi, there is an Orchid Sanctuary at Sessa, where around 100 species of Orchids have been cultivated in natural surroundings.
Accomodation in Tippi : Elephant Point
Bomdila (190 Km.)
290 Km from Itanagar, Bomdila is a small town, situated at an height of over 2430 metres, in West Kameng District. The snow clad ranges of the Himalayas, the vast apple orchards, the orchids and the Buddhist Gompas are the unique features of Bomdila . Also worth visiting are the Arts and Craft Centre and views of the Kangte and Gorichen (highest peak of the state).
Bomdila is connected by daily bus service from Itanagar / Naharlagun and Tezpur. The nearest airport is Tezpur and the nearest railhead Bhalukpong (100 km.)
Hotel Dawa,
Hotel Dony Pollo,
La Hotel,
Hotel Passang,
Hotel Potola,
Hotel Shangrilla,
Hotel Shipyang
Phong Other Accommodation :
Circuit House,
Tourist Lodge, Yatri Niwas
Dirang (180 Km)
Dirang, situated between Bomdila and Tawang, is a beautiful valley with scenic beauty, ideal for trekking and hiking. Places of interest here include the Kalachakra Gompa, Hot Springs, Apple Orchards, Yak Research Centre and sheep breeding farms.
Tse-la Pass beyond Dirang on the way to Tawang is the World's second highest motorable road (14000 ft) which runs through a small ridge and along a placid lake called the Paradise Lake.
Dirang can be approached by road from Bomdila, Rangapara which is the nearest railway station and Tezpur, the nearest airport.
Tawang (350 Km.)
472 km from Itanagar, situated at a height of 10,000 feet, Tawang is perhaps the highest administrative capital in the world. Tawang is famous for a 400 year old Buddhist monastery of the Mahayana sect. Built in the 17th century, the monastery is a treasure house of old scriptures, priceless images, painted tapestries, books and a collection of gold lettered Buddhist scriptures. An 8 metre high gilded image of the Buddha seated on a platform in the main prayer hall is a unique feature of this monastery. The Monastery, even today, is the focal point of spiritual life of the Buddhists in the region.
Tawang can be reached from Bomdila (185 Km.) by bus. The nearest railhead is Bhalukpong (280 Km.) and airport Tezpur (365 Km.).
(1) Inspection Bungalow-cum-Circuit House,
Resvn: Dy Commissioner, Tawang.
(2) Tourist Lodge, Hotels : Alpine, Gorichen, Masang; Nicho, Paradise, Shangrila,
II . Ziro - Daporijo - Along - Malinithan - Pasighat
(Distances from North Lakhimpur, which is the convenient railhead.)
Ziro (138 Km. )
160 km from Itanagar, Ziro is the headquarters of the Lower Subansiri district. Situated at an height of 9754 ft., it is bound on all sides by pine clad low stooping hills. Places worth visiting are the Tale Valley, Ranga Nadi Hydro Electric Project, Tarin Fish Farm, Pine & Bamboo groves, Orchid Garden, Parsi-Polo – archaeological site, etc.
Ziro can be reached by bus from Itanagar / Naharlagun and North Lakhimpur, which is the nearest railhead.
Accommodation: Circuit House & Inspection Bungalow,
Hotels: (Rs.150-500/-) Arunachal Guest House,
Hotel Blupine,
Hotel Humolhari, Hotel Peak Lodge.
Daporijo ( 160 Km.)
Situated on the banks of river Subansiri, in Upper Subansiri District, Daporijo is an ideal spot for trekking and angling with unmatched scenic beauty. It can be reached by rail from North Lakhimpur via Silapathar.
Along (175 Km.)
290 km from Itanagar, situated on the south bank of the river Siang, this is the headquarter of the West Siang district. It is a beautiful, scenic place and can be reached by bus or car from Itanagar and Pasighat. Accommodation is available at a Circuit House and Inspection Bungalow.
Malinithan (109 Km.) :
185 Km from Itanagar , a series of archaeological excavations here have revealed ruins of a big temple belonging to the 14th to 15th century. The site is full of sculptural masterpieces on granite. Malinithan is also associated with Krishna Legends. The place is ideal for trekking and hiking and can be reached from Silapathar 10 Km., Lilabari 110 Km.. Itanagar and Tezpur, 324 Km.
Accommodation :
Circuit House cum Inspection Bungalow. Resvn : Sub Divisional Officer, Likabali, West Siang.
Pasighat ( 170 Km.)
238 km from Itanagar, situated on the banks of river Siang (Brahmaputra), in East Siang District, it is the oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh. Pasighat is ideal for river rafting, boating, trekking and hiking. The Dr. D.Ering Wildlife sanctuary is situated close to Pasighat, where one can see wild buffalo, tiger, sambar, deer and wild ducks. Nearest railhead is Murkongselek (38 Km). 170 Km from North Lakhimpur and the nearest airport Mohanbari (Dibrugarh).
Accommodation : Govt. Guest House and Circuit House,
Roing - Bhishmaknagar - Dambuk - Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary -Tezu.
(Distances from Itanagar)
Roing (approx 300 Km.)
Roing is the picturesque sub-divisional headquarter of the Dibang Valley District. It is an ideal spot for trekking, rock climbing, angling. Places of interest include the Jawaharlal Nehru Van Udyan, Sally Lake and Handicraft Centre.
Roing can be approached from Tinsukia (120 Km.), the nearest railway station and Dibrugarh, the nearest Airport.
Accommodation : Inspection Bungalow, Hotel Lasa, Hotel Nimu,About 29 Km.
Palace, an archaeological find, dating back to the 12th century. Bound on three sides by ramparts and a mountain wall, the fortress was the capital of King Bhismaka, whose daughter Rukmini was consort of Lord Krishna. The Tamreswari Temple dedicated to Goddess Tamreshwari is situated 10 km. south of Bhishmaknagar.
50 km from Roing and Anini, the headquarters of Dibang Valley district, 100 km north of Roing, are scenic places. Situated in the Dibang Valley, is the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary, home for the musk deer, serow, black bear, red panda, leopard.
Tezu (311 Km.)
The headquarter of Lohit District, Tezu becomes vibrant during Makar Sankranti (14th Jan), when thousands of devotees throng the Parasuram Kund (25 kms from Tezu), the most important religious shrine in the North Eastern Region. Tezu is also an ideal spot for trekking and hiking, river rafting and angling on the river Lohit. It can be reached by bus from Tinsukia (140 Km.), the nearest railway station and Dibrugarh (145 Km.), the nearest airport.
Accommodation : Circuit House and Inspection Bungalow. Tourist Lodge,
Miao - Namdapha - Deomali
(Distances from Itanagar)
Miao (276 Km.) 
Situated on the plains of Changlang district, it is ideal for trekking, hiking and angling on the River Naodihing. Places worth seeing include a mini zoo, Tibetan refugee settlement, where colourful woollen carpets of various designs are produced and the Namdapha National Park.
It can be reached via Margherita (60 Km.), a railhead on North Eastern Frontier Rly. or Tinsukia (110 Km.), the convenient railhead. The nearest airport is Dibrugarh (155 Km.).
Namdapha National Park (286 Km.)
Situated on the Indo-Burma border, this 1800, sanctuary is home for the tiger, leopard snow leopard, clouded leopard, hoolock gibbon, musk deer, himalayan black deer, elephants, etc. With the altitudinal variation of the terrain ranging from 300 metres to 4500 metres, the Namdapha National Park has the distinction of having peninsular as well as alpine flora and fauna with the Naodihang river meandering through it. It can be reached via Margherita (54 Km.) or Miao (20 Km.) the nearest railway stations on the North Eastern Frontier Railway. The nearest airport is Dibrugarh (140 Km.) and the nearest railhead Tinsukia. From Miao, a jeep can be hired from the Divisional Forest Officer (Wildlife), to visit the Namdapha National Park.
Tourist Lodge,
Field Hostel,
Circuit House
Approachable via Naharkatia (railhead) in Assam, Deomali is a sub divisional town in Jirap district is an exotic place for angling and scenic beauty.

Arunachal is famed for its luxuriant vegetation and diversity of fauna. The state is home to as many as 25 species of mammals in addition to over 500 species of birds and 75 species of fish and sea animals.
Arunachal has two National Parks and eight wildlife sanctuaries:-
• Namdapha National Park: Located in the Tirap District.
• Mouling National Park: Located in the East Siang District
• D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary: Located in the East Siang district.
• Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary :Located in the Dibang valley district. birds.
• Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary : Located in East Kameng district.
• Itanagar Wildlife Sancutary : Located in the Lower Subansiri district.
• Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary : Located in the Lohit district.
• Kane Wildlife Sanctuary:Located in the West Siang district.
• Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary :Located in the Dibang Valley and Lohit districts.
• Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary:Located in East Kameng district.
• Sessa Orchid Sanctuary: Located in the West Kameng district.

For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Assam is a state of breathtaking scenic beauty with the rarest flora and fauna, green hills, vast rolling plains and mighty waterways. Assam is bound on the North and East by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh, on the south by Nagaland, Manipur, to its south-west lies Meghalaya and to the west Bengal and Bangladesh.
Situated on the southern bank of the mighty Brahmaputra river in the Kamrup district of Assam, Guwahati is a fast growing city and the principal center of trade and commerce of the entire region. It is aptly called the gateway to all the north-eastern states of India.
Area : 216.79 Sq.Km. Altitude : 54 Metres.
Temperature : Summer Max: 38 Deg.C. Min: 20 Deg.C.
Winter Max: 28 Deg.C. Min: 10 Deg.C.
Rainfall : 180 cms. (May to Sept). STD Code : 0361.
Air : India n Airlines connects Guwahati with Agartala, Delhi, Kolkatta, Imphal, etc.
Rail : Guwahati is a railhead connected with important cities / towns.
Road : Guwahati is connected by motorable roads with Agartala 597 Km., Aizawl 538 Km., Bagdogra 523 Km., Cherrapunjee 154 Km., Darjeeling 587 Km., Dimapur 280 Km., Gangtok 624 Km., Itanagar 420 Km., Imphal 487 Km., Kaziranga National park 217 Km., Kohima 342 Km., Kolkata 1182 Km., Manas Wildlife Sanctuary 186 Km., Mumbai 3104 Km., Shillong 103 Km. and Tezpur 181 Km.
Assam Tourism Development Corporation Lt., Guwahati, conducts the following tours from the Guwahati Tourist Lodge, Station Road:
Places Covered                                                                                      Timings                               Fare
Temple Tour

Kamakhya, Bhubaneshwari, Nabagraha                                               0800 to 1600 hrs.               Rs.100/- (adult)
Balaji & Sukreswar Temples, Basistha Ashram.                                                                                Rs. 85/- (child)

City Tour
Kamakhya Temple, Basistha Ashram,                                                   0730 to 1300 hrs.              Rs.100/-(Adult)
Bhubaneshwari Temple, Nabagraha Temple,                                                                                  Rs. 85/- (Child)
State Zoo, Dighalipukhuri Boating Centre / Museum.

City Tour
Kamakhya Temple, Basistha Ashram,                                                  1430 to 1900 hrs.               Rs.100/-(Adult)
Balaji Temple, Sukreswar Temple, Bir Lachit                                                                                    Rs. 85/- (Child)
Barphukan Park, Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra.

Hajo, Sualkuchi & Madan Kamdeva                                                     0800 to 1630 hrs.                Rs.250/-
MadanKamdeva & Gopeswar Devalaya                                               0900 to 1400 hrs.               Rs.150/-

Assam Tourism Devt. Corpn., Guwahati, also operates conducted tours to Kaziranga National Park (2 days / 1 night) at Rs.1125/- to Rs.2000/- per head (inclusive of food, accom., transport, etc.) and to Shillong (0730 to 1800 hrs.) at Rs.250/- per head.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Boat Cruises on the Brahmaputra are also available in the evenings
(*Hotels approved by Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India.)
* Hotel Dynasty**** Rahman Bldg., S.S. Road,
*Hotel Rajmahal**** Paltan Bazar,
*Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok***M.G. Road,
*Hotel Nandan ***, Paltan Bazar,
*Hotel Rituraj***,Kedar Road,
*Hotel Vikash International**, Paltan Bazar,
Hotel Ambarish, Ganeshguri Charali,
Hotel Bellevue, Opp. Raj Bhavan,
Hotel Blue Moon Ujan Bazar,
Hotel Nova, Fancy Bazar,
Hotel Prag Continental Motilal Nehru Road,
Vishwaratna Hotel Pvt.Ltd. *** Onkar Plaza,A.T.Road
Guwahati-781 001
Other Hotels
The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.200/- to Rs.500/- for a single and from Rs. 300/- to Rs. 800/- for a double room.
Hotel Ambassador, Paltan Bazaar,
Hotel Apollo, BharalumukhHotel Avinandan, Pan Bazar,
Hotel Bellevue, Opp. Rajbhawan;
Hotel Bilash, Ulubari,
Hotel Chilarai Regency,
H.P. Brahmachari Road,
Hotel Embassy, Paltan Bazar,
Hotel Geetanjali, Paltan Bazar,
Hotel Indira, K C Sen Road,
Hotel Kuber International, Hem Barua Road,
Hotel Landmark, B. Baruah Road,
Hotel Mahalaxmi, Paltan Bazar,
Hotel Maruti, Fancy Bazar,
Hotel Mayur, Paltan Bazar, otel Nav-Alka, Fancy Bazaar,
Hotel North Eastern, G.N. Bardoloi Road,
Hotel Pragjyotish, G.S. Road,
Hotel President, Pan Bazar,
Hotel Rajdoot Palace, Paltan Bazar,
Hotel Star, GaneshguriHotel Tiendee, Jaswant Road, Panbazar,
Tourist Hotel, G.N.B. Road; *Hotel VIP International**,
Other Accommodation
Tourist Lodge (Govt. of Assam), Station Road
The Assam State Museum :1. Timings:1000 hrs. to 1630 hrs. (Tuesday to Saturday); 0800 hrs. to 1200 hrs. (Sunday). Monday Closed.
Assam Zoo & Botanical Garden: A well landscaped zoo, it houses animals peculiar to the region. Timings: 0800 to 1600 hrs (Oct. to March); 0700 to 1730 hrs. (April to Sept).Closed on Fridays.
Bhubaneshwari Temple : A Shakti temple dedicated to one of the 9 aspects of the Goddess. Dighali Pukhuri : A historic tank with boating facilities. Navagraha Temple : Dedicated to the nine planets, situated on the Chitrachal Hills. Planetarium:. Closed on the 1st of every month. Umananda Temple : Situated on the forested Peacock Island in the midst of the Brahmaputra river, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Kamakhaya Temple (10 Km.) : Set atop the Nilachal hills, overlooking the town this temple dedicated to Goddess Kali is associated with the shakti and tantric cult of Hinduism.
Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra (10 Km.) : A modern cultural complex.
Science Museum (Regional Science Centre) (11 Km.) : It houses models depicting various natural phenomena and modern technological advancement.
Tirupathi Balaji Temple (11 Km.) : A newly constructed temple.
Basistha Ashram (12 Km.) : A picturesque old shrine believed to have been the place where Sage Vashishtha lived.
Hajo (24 Km.) : Hajo is a centre sacred to different faiths & religions. The Hayagriba Madhab temple is considered sacred by the Hindus as well as Buddhists. A mosque known as Pao Mecca attracts a congregation of Muslims.
Sualkuchi (32 Km.) : Famous for Assamese silk.
Madan Kamdev (35 Km.) : It has old temples dating back to 10th & 12th centuries, with erotic sculptures.
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary (60 Km.) : Deer and Rhinos can be seen here.
Chandubi Lake (64 Km) : A natural lagoon, it is an ideal picnic spot, with fishing, boating and water sports facilities.
Darranga (93 Km.) : Situated close to the Bhutan border, Darranga comes to life during the Bhutia fair, in winter (from Nov. to March), when the Bhutias come to trade in woollen cloth, musk, horses and cows.
Batadrawa or Bordowa (134 Km.) : Birth place of Shri Sankardeva, famous Vaishnav reformer of Assam. Accom : Tourist Lodge (Assam Tourism), Nagaon, Barpeta (137 Km.) : It has a Vaishnava monastry and a shrine of Madhab Deva.
Accom:Tourist Lodge, Barpeta Road,
Bhairabkunda (137 Km.) : Situated on the border of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh, it is a beautiful picnic spot. Sonai Rupa Wildlife Sanctuary (137 Km.) : Situated 44 Km. from Tezpur, the sanctuary has tiger, swamp deer, buffalo and hog deer.
Orang Wildlife Sanctuary (150 Km.) : Situated on the northern banks of the Brahmaputra, the sanctuary is rich in bird life both indigenous and migratory. The wildlife such as the rhinoceros, tiger, bear, wild buffalo, etc. can be observed in ther natural habitat.
Manas National Park (176 Km.) : Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, a world heritage natural site situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, southeast of the river Manas, is one of the Tiger Reserves under Project Tiger. Manas, covering an area of 520 Sq. Km. is noted for its population of the rare golden langur. Manas is a very special biosphere, for it harbours twenty species of birds and animals that are highly endangered . The best season to visit the park is from November to April. The Park is closed during the monsoon period May to October. The nearest airport to the park is Guwahati (176 Km.) and the railhead is (40 Km.). Manas is connected by road via Barpeta Road with Darjeeling 466 Km., Guwahati 176 Km., Kaziranga 403 Km., Shillong 287 Km., Siliguri 386 Km., etc.
Accommodation: Forest Lodge Lodge-Mathanguri –Tourist Lodge at Barpeta Road and Bansbari.
Tezpur (181 Km.): This town of great antiquity lies on the northern banks of the mighty Brahmaputra, amidst rolling hills. Tezpur contains the ruins of an earlier town, Sonitpur and ‘Da Parbatia’ a tiny village is the site of the oldest relic found in Assam, a stone door dating back to the Gupta era around 5th century AD. Hotel Anirudha, Hotel Dhurba, International, Hotel Kanyapur, Hotel Luit, Hotel Parijat,
Nameri National Park (35 Km from Tezpur) : Situated in Sonitpur District near Bhalukpong in Assam (adjoining Pakhuri Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh). Some of the most endangered species are found in the park.
Kaziranga National Park (217 Km.) : It is home of the Indian one – horned Rhino.
Bhalukpong (232 Km.) : Surrounded by blue hills and evergreen forest it is famous for its unique natural beauty. Accom : Tourist Lodge, 7 km. from Bhalukpung is Tipi, famous for the largest orchidarium in Asia.
Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary (306 Km.) : Established in 1952, this small sanctuary covering an area of 6 has tigers, leopards, elephants, hornbill, etc.
Jorhat (314 Km.): Surrounded by tea plantations, this pretty town is the hub of the Assamese tea industry. Accom : Burra Sahibs Bungalows, Hotel Broadway, Hotel Dilip, Hotel Eastern,; Hotel Heritage, Hotel New Paradise, Solicitor’s Road, Hotel President, Tourist Lodge (Transit Camp), Govt. of Assam, Jorhat, Thengal Manor.
Nambor Reserve Forest (322 Km.) : Nambor Reserve Forest is famous for its rejuvenating hot springs.
Majuli (328 Km.) : In the midst of the Brahmaputra river, Majuli is the largest river island in the world. It is the centre of Vaishnava culture, with a number of Satras or monasteries. The Island can be reached by ferry service from Nimatighat in Jorhat. Ferry Timings from Nimatighat to Majuli: 1030 hrs. & 1600 hrs. Accom : Tourist Lodge, Jorhat,
Haflong (353 Km.) : A lakeside hill resort and an ideal picnic spot still left largely untouched. Rare orchids are found in profusion in this area. 9 Km. from Haflong is Jatinga, which has attracted attention of Ornithologist world over for mysterious phenomenon of birds dying in the dark nights.
Accommodation: Tourist Lodge (Assam Tourism), Haflong, Hotel Eastern, Hotel Elite, Hotel Joyoswary,
Sibsagar (369 Km.) : Once a historical city, it is today a leading tea and oil producing district in Assam. Places of interest are Kareng Ghar Palace Gargaon Palace, Joysagar Tank & Temple. Accom : Tourist Lodge (Assam Tourism), Sibsagar, Hotel Brahmaputra, Hotel Brindaban, Hotel Siddharth, Dibrugarh (445 Km.) : Dibrugarh is a major trading centre, with large number of tea estates and where the mighty Brahmaputra river can be seen at its majestic best.
Accomodation :
Hotel Natraj***, H. Singhania Road, Main Bazar,
Hotel Chowkidinghee,
Hotel East End, New Market,
Hotel Monalisa,.
Digboi (541 Km.): Situated on a group of hillocks, Digboi is the nerve centre of the oil industry in the eastern region.
Margherita (557 Km.): Situated 16 Km. from Digboi, Margherita was named after the Queen of Italy. The town is surrounded by tea estates and is the North-Eastern headquarters of the Coal India Ltd.
Kaziranga, a World Heritage Natural Site, is the home of the one-horned Indian rhinoceros. The Park covers an area of 430 Sq. Km. and lies in Golaghat and Nagaon District. Kaziranga became a game sanctuary in 1926 and was declared a national park in 1974. The best season to visit the park is from November to April. The park is closed during the monsoon period i.e from May to October.
Air : Jorhat (96 Km.) is the nearest airport connected by Indian Airlines with Kolkata and Dimapur.

Rail : The nearest railhead is Furkating 75 Km., on the North East Frontier Railways connected with Guwahati, Dibrugarh, etc.

Road : The main entry point to the park, Kohara on the National Highway No. 37 is well connected by road with Dibrugarh 225 Km.,Dimapur 147 Km., Guwahati 225 Km., Itanagar 247 Km., North Lakhimpur 294 Km., Shillong 280 Km., Sibsagar 145 Km., Tezpur 79 Km., etc.

Assam Tourism Tourist Lodges & Cottages: Aranya Lodge ,Bonani Lodge ,Bonoshree Lodge Kunjaban Hotel Wild Grass Resort , Kaziranga, Dist. Golaghat, Guwahati Office Contact GL’s Resort, Kaziranga. Guwahati Office Contact
Wildlife in the park
Besides one-horned rhinoceros, the park is habitat for variety of animals and birds such as wild buffalos, elephants, gaurs, leopard cats, wild boars, civet, otters, swamp deer, sambars, tigers, pythons, pelicans, patridges, floricans, bar-headed geese, whistling teal, rose breasted parakeet, black-necked adjustant, open-billed stork, egret and heron.

For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Manipur, literally meaning the “Land of Jewels”, is a veritable paradise, relatively untouched and undiscovered. It shares a common international boundary with Myanmar and lies south of Nagaland, north of Mizoram and east of Assam.
Lying in the heart of the Manipur valley, Imphal, the capital of Manipur is surrounded by beautiful hills and is the nerve of of all cultural, commercial and administrative activities of the state.
Area : 22,327 sq.kms. (Manipur) Altitude : 790 metres.
Temperature : Max: 32 Deg.C. Min: 00 Deg.C.
Rainfall : 1467.5 mm. STD Code : 0385.
Air : Indian Airlines / Alliance Air connects Imphal with Aizawl, Delhi, Jorhat & Silchar
Rail : Dimapur (215 Km.) is the convenient railhead for visiting Manipur. Regular buses ply between Dimapur & Imphal (8 -9 hrs. journey)
Road : Imphal is connected by good motorable roads with Agartala 456 Km., Aizawl 374 Km., Dimapur 215 Km., Guwahati 579 Km., Itanagar 413 Km., Kaziranga 346 Km., Kohima 123 Km., Kolkata 1660 Km., Shillong 643 Km. and Silchar 198 Km.
Places Covered Timings Fare

Shree Govindajee Temple, Bishnupur, 0800 - 1630hrs. Rs.75/-
Phubala, Moirang, Keibul Lamjao (Sat. & Sun.)

National Park, Sendra Tourist Home.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
(* Hotels approved by the Dept of Tourism, Govt. of India.)
Hotel Imphal ,North A.O.C. Point, Imphal Dimapur Road,
Hotel Anand Continental, Khoyathong Road,
Hotel Excellency, Airport Rd,
Hotel Nirmala, M.G. Avenue,
Hotel Prince,Thangal Bazar,
Other Hotels
The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs. 200-450/- for a double room.
Hotel Apollo, Thangal Bazar,
Hotel Avenue, M.G. Avenue,
Hotel Bheigo;
Hotel City Heart, M.G. Avenue;
Hotel Deesh Deluxe,
Hotel Eastern Star, Nagamapal,
Hotel Embassy, Paona Bazar,
Hotel Gaylord, M.G. Avenue,
Hotel Mass, Assembly Road;
Hotel Mayur, Assembly Road,
Hotel Natraj, M.G. Avenue,
New Raj Hotel, Paona Bazar,
Hotel Pintu, North A.O.C.
Hotel Raj, Paona Bazar, Rajasthan Guest House, Thangal Bazar;
Hotel Ranjit, Thangal Bazar;
Hotel Shanky, M.G. Avenue,
Hotel Tampha, North A.O.C.,
Hotel White Palace, M.G. Avenue,
Other Accommodation
Youth Hostel (YHAI), Khuman Lampak,
Assembly Guest House, Majorkhul,
Shri Marwari Dharamshala, Thangal Bazar,
Khonghampat Orchidarium (7 Km.): More than 110 varieties of orchids including many rare species are grown here. The peak bloomimg season is April - May.
Khwiramband Bazar (Ima Market) : The biggest shopping centre for artistic handlooms, handicrafts and other essential commodities. It has the largest womens’ bazar in Manipur and perhaps in India.
Langthabal (8 Km.) : On the Indo-Myanmar road is this small hill with the relics of an old historic palace, planned temples and ceremonial houses amidst pine and jackfruit trees.
Manipur Zoological Garden (6 km.): The brow-antelered deer (Sangai), one of the rarest species in the world can be seen here in sylvan surroundings.
Palace: In the heart of the town, and in grounds now occupied by the para-military forces for their training, there are interesting ruins of an old fortress wall and a palace.
Saheed Minar : It commemorates the indomitable spirit of the Manipuri martyrs who sacrificed their lives while fighting against the British in 1891.
Shri Govindajee Temple : This temple, adjoining the royal palace is a historic centre for Vaishnavites. The presiding deity in the centre is flanked by shrines of Balram and Krishna on one side and Jagannath on the other.
War Cemeteries : There are two war cemeteries, one for the Christians and the other for the Indian soldiers who gave their life while fighting the Japanese invaders during the Second World War.
Manipur State Museum: The state museum near the Polo Ground provides a panorama of Manipur and it’s tribal culture. On display are a wide variety of costumes, implements of war and peace, historical documents, relics, etc. It also has a collection of portraits of Manipur’s former rulers. Timings :1000 to 1630 hrs. (Closed on Mondays & Holidays).
Mutua Museum: This museum, the first of its kind in North Eastern Region is a private museum. The collections include coins, sculptures, paintings, manuscript paintings, textiles and wood carvings.
Kangchup (16 Km.) : At an altitude of 921 metres, this is a health resort on the hills over-looking the Manipur valley. It is also a mountain pass on the road to Tamenglong.
Red Hill (Lokpaching) (16 Km.) : A hillock on Tiddim Road, where the Japanese war veterans had constructed the “Indian Peace Memorial” - a monument in memory of Japanese martyrs, who sacrificed their lives during World War II.
Waithou Lake (16 Km.) : Situated on the Indo-Myanmar road, famous for its pineapple slopes. Accom: Tourist Lodge (Manipur Tourism), Resvn : Dy Director of Tourism, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal,
Bishnupur (27 Km.) : Bishnupur is known for its historic Bishnu temple built in 1467 AD during the reign of King Kiyamba. The Architectural designs of the temple are said to be influenced by Chinese styles.
Accom: Tourist Lodge (Manipur Tourism), Resvn : Dy Director of Tourism, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal,
Kaina (29 Km.) : A beautiful hillock about 920 metres above sea level that is a sacred place for the Hindus. Beautiful hill shrubs and charming natural surroundings give the place a saintly solemnity.
Khongjom (36 Km.) : Situated on the Indo-Myanmar road, it is a place of great historic importance. It was here that Major-General Brajabashi, one of the great warriors of Manipur, proved his valour against the superior force of the invading British Army in 1891. A war memorial has been constructed on top of the Kheba hill. Khongjom Day is celebrated as a state function every year in April.
Koubru Leikha (37 Km.) : It is a pilgrim center with a three hundred year old temple dedicated Lord Koburu Mahadev, situated on the high hills at an altitude of 2563 metres. According to mythology, human habitation started first at Koubru and then spread all over the state and the world at large.
Phubala (40 Km.) : A charming resort situated south of Imphal, on the western fringes of the Loktak Lake. Boating and other water sports being introduced here. Accom: Tourist Home (Manipur Tourism),
Resvn: Deputy Director of Tourism, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal,
Moirang (45 Km.) : Situated towards South Imphal, is one of the ancient villages of Manipur contributing much to her culture. Moirang is the abode of Thangjing, the most venerated deity of Manipur. The second world war brought Moirang into the limelight as it was, for a short spell, the headquarters of the Azad Hind Fauz. It was here on April
14, 1944 that Netaji hoisted for the first time the flag of the I.N.A. on Indian soil. Moirang has the INA memorial with a statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and a small war museum. Accom: Tourist Lodge (Manipur Tourism), Resvn : Dy Director of Tourism, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal,
Loktak Lake (46 Km.) : The largest fresh water lake in North-Eastern India, this is a
precious gift of nature to the tourists. It’s vast expanse of water with both resident and migratory birds offers scope for fishing and boating as well. The little islands of Thanga
and Karang with beautiful garden resorts in the centre of the lake serve as observatories.
Sendra Island (48 Km.) : A small islet in the middle of Loktak Lake, this is a view point overlooking the beautiful lake and its surroundings. Accom : Tourist Home (Manipur Tourism), Resvn: Deputy Director of Tourism, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal,
Keibul Lamjao National Park (53 Km.) : An islet enriched with prized flora and fauna inside the famous Loktak Lake, it is the only floating National Park of its kind in the world. It is the natural habitat of the rare Brow-antlered deer, Sangai found nowhere else. Other wildlife like hog deer, otter, water fowls and migratory birds can also be sighted. Accommodation: Forest Rest House at Sendra & Phubala.
Churachandpur (60 Km.) :The district headquarter of South Manipur, mainly inhabited by the Kuki tribe. It is an advanced tribal town with a variety of local handicrafts. Accom: Tourist Bungalow (Manipur Tourism), Resvn: Dy. Director of Tourism, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal,; Hotel Rajdoot; Hotel International; Green Hotel; Hotel Eden.
Tengnoupal (69 Km.) : It is the highest point on the Imphal-Myanmar road.
Ukhrul (83 Km.) : A centre of the colourful warrior tribe Tangkhul Nagas, it is a well developed hill station, the highest in the state. It is famous for a peculiar type of land-lily known as the Siroi grown on the Siroi hills. The Siroi Hills and the Kangkhui lime caves are interesting places for excursions. Ukhrul bears gayest and most festive appearance during Christmas. Accom : Hotel Iceland; Hotel Rebekah; Hotel Soso; Circuit House.
Mao (106 Km.) : Situated at an altitude of 1757 metres, it is a hill station halfway between Dimapur and Imphal. The place is rich in Mao Naga culture.
Moreh (110 Km.) : This border town of India is located on the Indo-Myanmar road. It is a commercial town attracting a large number of people from neighbouring places. Just 5 Km. away is Tamu, the Burmese counterpart of Moreh, where, one can see a complete change in the attire and eating habits of the people and the style of architecture of building. Accom: Hotel Ambassador, Hotel Eastern Palace, Hotel Imphal, Rachna Hotel, River View Hotel. Forest Bungalow, Resvn: Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Forest Dept. Imphal. PWD Inspection Bungalow,
Resvn:Executive Engineer, PWD, Khuyathon Bazar, Imphal.
Tamenglong (156 Km.) : This region is known for its deep gorges, mysterious caves, splendid waterfalls and its exotic orchids. The Tharon cave, Zailad Lake & Barak Waterfalls are some of the places of tourist interest.
Accom: Inspection Bungalow.

Manipur Adventure and Allied Sports Institute (MAASI) is situated 7 Km., from Imphal at Keivao and conducts programmes in trekking, rock climbing, rafting, jungle safari, etc. For further details contact: Secretary, MAASI Complex, Keivao, P.B. No.16, Imphal.
Manipur Mountaineering & Trekking Association (MMTA) complex at Lamdan (Sudarshan Peak) near the Loktak Hydroelectric Power Project also conducts trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering, jungle safari etc.

For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :

Meghalaya, bound on the north and east by Assam and on the south and west by Bangla Desh, is endowed with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Of about 17,000 species of Orchids in the world, more than 300 varieties are found in Meghalaya.
Termed as the ‘Scotland of the East’ by the early English settlers, Shillong is the state capital and also the district headquarters of the East Khasi Hills. Set amidst nature’s varied tapestry dotted with a number of waterfalls, brooks, pine groves and gardens, Shillong is a hill resort with a comfortable climate throughout the year.
Area : 6436 Altitude : 1496 metres.
Temperature : Summer Max: 23.3 Deg.C. Min: 15 Deg.C.
Winter Max: 15.6 Deg.C. Min: 3.9 Deg.C.
Rainfall : 241.5 cm. Season : Throughout the year. STD Code : 0364.
Air : Nearest airport is at Guwahati (128 Km.), connected with major cities and towns. Helicopter service is available between Guwahati, Shillong and Tura (except on Sundays. Resvn: Pawan Hans,Shillong .
Rail : Nearest railhead is Guwahati (109 Km.), which is connected with major cities &
Road : Shillong is connected by motorable roads with Agartala 499 Km., Aizawl 430 Km., Bagdogra 623 Km., Chennai 2918 Km., Darjeeling 687 Km., Delhi 2260 Km., Dibrugarh 545 Km., Gangtok 724 Km., Guwahati 109 Km., Imphal 614 Km., Itanagar 484 Km., Kaziranga 280 Km., Kohima 469 km., Kolkata 1282 Km., Manas 279 Km., Mumbai 3244 km., Patna 1047 Km., Siliguri 608 Km.
The following tours are conducted by the Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), Tourist Information Centre, Police Bazar,
Tour Fare Timings
Shillong local sightseeing Rs. 100/- 0830 hrs. to 1430 hrs.
Cherrapunjee Rs.125/- 0800 hrs. to 1630 hrs.
(*Hotels approved by the Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India)
*Hotel Polo Towers**** Polo Grounds,Shillong – 793001
*Hotel Alpine Continental*** Thana Road,
*Rosaville ,
*Hotel Centre Point***, Police Bazar,
*Pegasus Crown*** Police Bazar,
Rosa Villa Guest House,Lawjynriew,
The Shillong Club,

Other Hotels
The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.250/- to Rs.500/- for a double room.
Anand Hotel, Quinton Road,
Hotel Baba Tourist Lodge, G S Road,
Hotel Blue Pine, G.S. Road,
Broadway Hotel, Police Bazar, Delhi Hotel,
Police Bazar, Hotel Embassy, Police Bazar,
Godwin Hotel, G.S. Road,
Grand Hotel, G.S. Road, Hotel Green Land,
Jail Road, Hotel Hariom, Quinton Road,
Hotel Highway Lodge, Police Bazar,
Hotel Indiana, Police Bazar,
Hotel Lotus, Police Bazar,
Hotel Magnum, Police Bazar,
Hotel Monsoon, G.S. Road,
Neo Hotel, Police Bazar,
Payal Hotel, Police Bazar,
Hotel Pine Borough,Police Bazar,
Rajhans Hotel, G.S. Road,
Hotel Seven Sister,
Hotel Swastik, Jail Road,
Hotel Utsav, Jail Road,
Hotel Yalana, Laitumkrah Main Road,

Other Accommodation
Hotel Pinewood (MTDC) Rita Road,
Hotel Orchid (MTDC) Polo Road,
Youth Hostel, Vivekananda Road,

Bishop & Beadon Falls: At a height of 135 metres & 120 metres respectively, these falls cascade down the same escarpment into a deep valley.
Botanical Garden: Located below Ward lake, this 3.5 acres garden, houses about 1200 varieties of predominantly native plants, medicinal as well as ornamental.
Butterfly Museum (Museum of Entomology): Meghalaya with its heavy rainfall and high humidity promotes a luxurious growth of vegetation, which is a paradise to innumerable species of butterflies and moths. Visitors interested in natural history and Entomology will find this museum a rich repository of this natural wealth.
Crinoline Falls & Swimming Pool: Situated near Lady Hydari Park, the Crinoline falls overlooking the Crinoline swimming pool provide a cool spot within the city limits.
Iew Duh - Bara Bazar: Situated in the heart of Shillong town, Iew Duh is a special place for tourists in search of local colours. Pure honey, bows and arrows, handicrafts, hand woven shawls and a variety of spices are sold in this market.
Lady Hydari Park and Mini Zoo: A beautiful and neat park with grassy grounds, this is an ideal place for children, with a zoo nearby.
Meghalaya State Museum: Located in the complex housing the State Central Library, this museum exhibits the culture, life style and the heritage of the people of Meghalaya. Timings: 1000 to 1630 hrs.(in summer); 1000 to 1600 hrs. (in winter)
Shillong Golf Course: Considered one of the best in the country, this 18 hole Golf Course also provides ample space for evening strollers and picnikers.
Ward Lake: Located in the heart of the city, Ward lake is an artificial lake encircled by beautiful gardens and with boating facilities.
Weitdem or Sweet Falls: These beautiful falls east of the Happy Valley on the Umkhem stream make for an ideal picnic spot.
Shillong Peak (10 Km.) : At 1960 metres above sea level, Shillong Peak offers a panoramic view of the scenic country side. A few kms. from the Shillong Peak, is Smit Village, the administrative headquarters of the Khyrim Syiemship.
Elephant Falls (12 Km.) : On the outskirts of the city, a mountain stream descends through successive falls set in dells of fern covered rocks.
Umiam Lake (17 Km.) : Considered to be the biggest artificial lake in the state, it is a beautiful picnic spot and favourite place for anglers, with water sports facilities as well. Accom: Orchid Lake Resort (Meghalaya Tourism),
Sohpetbneng Peak (20 Km.):1343 metres, high, this peak is regarded as sacred. Set amidst, a backdrop of deep forests, this peak, referred to as the “Navel of Heaven” as per Khasi mythology, offers the spiritual seeker peace of mind and solace.
Mawphlang (24 Km.) : A famous picnic spot.
(Distances from Shillong)
Law Kyntang (26 Km.) : This is a dense forest grove where the Lyngdoh (Chief) used to offer prayers and sacrifices. The grove is surrounded by a lush green valley and a great variety of plants, typical to Meghalaya grow here.
Mairang (45 Km.) : Mairang is the headquarters of the Nongkhlaw Syiemship. Today, it is also the headquarters of the Mairang sub-division. In the centre of the town stands the Memorial of U Tirot Sing, Syiem of Nongkhlaw who fought against the British. Situated south-west of Mairang is
Kyllang Rock, a massive granite rock, rising above the surrounding plains.
Symper Peak (45 Km.) : This peak, lying South-West of Shillong, projects like a big monument in the middle of a tableland and has a few caves.
Cherrapunjee (56 Km.) : At an altitude of 1300 metres, Cherrapunjee is considered as one of the wettest places with the 2nd highest rainfall in the world. Endowed with luxurious tropical vegetation, Cherrapunjee is surrounded by roaring waterfalls, breathtaking deep gorges and lovely rivulets. It was at Cherrapunjee that the Welsh Missionaries and the Rama Krishna Mission started their services in the Khasi hills. The Nohkalikai Falls, the Dainthlen falls, the Kynrem Falls and the Mawsmai (Nohsngithiang) falls are worth visiting. Cherrapunjee is also famous for its limestone caves.
Mawsynram (56 Km.) : The wettest place on earth, Mawsynram is known for its natural surroundings. At Mawjymbuin (Mawsynram Cave) one can see stalagmite and stalactite formations. It has a giant stalagmite formation in the shape of a Shiv Linga with a stalactite formation overhead dripping water on the linga.
Thadlaskein Lake (56 Km.) : A beautiful lake on the way to Jowai. Opposite the Lake is a Tourist Lodge, managed by Meghalaya Tourism.
Mawlong Syiem Peak (60 Km.) : This peak is a retreat for adventure sports lovers and a paradise for orchid lovers. The rocky, subterranean Mawsmai Caves are close by.
Jakrem (64 Km.) : It is a popular health resort with hot sulphur water springs, believed to possess therapeautic properties.
Jowai (66 Km.) : Jowai, the headquarter of the Jaintia Hills district, is a picturesque town circled by the majestic Myntdu river. About 58 kms from Jowai are the famous Yale falls, the site of the Kopili Hydel Project.
Nartiang (65 Km.) : It was the summer capital of the Jaintia kings. A 500 year old temple of Goddess Durga, atop the hill is the main attraction.
Dawki (96 Km.) : A border town by the side of the Umngot river. An annual boating competition is held here, on the river Dawki.
Nongstoin (96 Km.) : Headquarters of the West Khasi Hills. Nongkhnum Island, the second largest river island in Asia, is located a few kms. from Nongstoin.
Ranikor (140 Km.) : Ranikor is one of the best spots for fishing. Huge golden mahseers, the pride of anglers are available here.
Williamnagar (312 Km.) : Situated on the banks of Simsang river, this district headquarter was named after the first Chief Minister of the State. Close to Williamnagar is Sisobibra, a historical place where the Garo warriors fought the Britishers.
Tura (323 Km.) : Tura is the district headquarters of the West Garo hills, provides one of the finest views of low-lying plains with the mighty river Brahmaputra flowing through. About half an hour’s drive from Tura is Chibragre, an ideal picnic spot. A 5 km. trek takes one to the Tura Peak (1400 mts.). 112 Km. from Tura,Naphak Lake is an ideal place for fishing and bird watching. 152 Km. from Tura, Siju Caves popularly known as Dobakkol, has stalagmite formation- resembling those of the Blue Grotta in the Isle of Capri. 167 Km. from Tura, Balpakram is also known as the “place of perpectual winds”. The Arabella Range and the Tura range pass through the Garo Hills forming the lush green valley of Balpakram. The Balpakram Reserve Forest offers a variety of wildlife. Orchid Lodge, Tura (MTDC), West Garo Hills, Hotel Rikman Continental, Tura, Circuit House, Resv: Dy. Commissioner, Tura.
Rongrenggiri : Rongrengiri, at a distance of about 79 km. from Tura, is a historical place where the Garos fought their final battle against the British.
Nokrek Biosphere Reserve (343 Km.) : The Nokrek Biosphere Reserve is situated in the Garo Hills at a distance of 20 km. from Tura Peak. The Biosphere Reserve is one of the least disturbed forest tracts of the sub-Himalayan ranges. The Nokrek Biosphere ranges in height from 300 to 1400 mts. and is a part of the Tura ridge extending over an area of 80 The Nokrek Peak is the highest point in the Garo Hills region.
Caves of Meghalaya : Meghalaya has more than 500 caves identified till date, of which around 147 have been partially or fully explored. Some of the important ones are Kotsati-Umlawan, Synrang Pamlang and Krem Chympe. Special Cave Tour Packages can be arranged through the Directorate of Tourism, Govt. of Meghalaya or the Secretary, Meghalaya Adventurers Association, Shillong,
Mizoram, literally meaning “Land of the Highlanders” became the 23rd state of the Indian Union in 1987. It is bound by Assam and Manipur in the north, Myanmar in the east and south and Tripura and Bangladesh in the west.
Situated on the central ridge in the middle of the state, the capital town of Aizawl dominates the valleys of the rivers Tlawng and Tuirial and their tributaries. Surrounded by hills, Aizawl offers a mild weather throughout the year.
Area : 20 Sq.Km. Altitude : 1132 mts.
Temperature : Summer Max: 30 Deg.C. Min: 20 Deg.C.
Winter Max: 21 Deg.C. Min: 11 Deg.C.
Rainfall : 220 cm. STD Code : 0389
Air : Lengpui Airport (43 Km. from Aizawl) is connected by air with Kolkata and Imphal.
Rail : Silchar (180 Km.) is the nearest railhead. , connected with Guwahati
Road : Aizawl is connected by road with Agartala 321 Km., Darjeeling 1125 Km.,
Delhi 2698 Km., Dibrugarh 945 Km., Dimapur 780 Km., Gangtok 1162 Km., Guwahati 526 Km., Imphal 374 Km., Kohima 497 Km., Kolkata 1720 Km.,
Mumbai 3642 Km. and Shillong 438 Km
The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs. 250 - 650/- for a double room:-
Hotel Ahimsa, Zarkawt, Capital Guest House, Zarkawt, Chawlhna Hotel, Zarkawt, Hotel Chief, Zarkawt, Hotel Rajdoot, Treasury Square, Hotel Ritz, Bara Bazar, Hotel Royale, Bara Bazar, Other Accommodation (Rs.150-250/- for a single and Rs.250-500/- for a double room)
1) Tourist Lodge (Mizoram Tourism), Chaltlang, 2) Tourist Home (Mizoram Tourism), Luangmual,
3) Tourist Complex (Mizoram Tourism), Berawtlang,
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
Bara Bazar ; Durtlang Hills ; Luangmual Handicrafts Centre ; Mizoram State Museum (Timings : Mon-Fri : 0900 -1700 hrs., Sat.: 0900-1300 hrs.); Mini Zoo.
Bung (15 Km.) : A beautiful picnic spot on a hill.
Paikhai (16 Km.) : A quiet and enchanting picnic spot.
Tamdil (85 Km.) : A natural lake surrounded by forests. Accom : Tourist Lodge at Saitual (7 Km.).
Kolasib (90 Km.) : Kolasib’s main attractions are the Bhairabi Hydel project and fishing in the Tlawng river. Accom:Tourist Lodge (Mizoram Tourism),
Vantawng Water Falls(140 Km.) : Surrounded by lush green tropical forest filled with bamboo grove.
Champhai (192 Km.) : Sub-divisional headquarters on the Indo-Myanmar border Champhai, a bustling commercial town is also a naturalist’s paradise. 5 km. away from Champhai is the Ruantlang village where glimpses of the ancestral way of life of the Mizos can still be seen. Accom : Tourist Lodge (Mizoram Tourism),
Lunglei (235 Km.) : A beautiful hill station, rich in flora. This rapidly developing town is an excellent base to visit the interiors of south Mizoram. Accom: Tourist Lodge (Mizoram Tourism), Zotlang,
Phawngpui Peak (300 Km.) : Literally meaning ‘Blue Mountain’ it is located at a height of 2165 metres and is the highest peak in Mizoram. Rich in exotic flowers, orchids, medicinal herbs, it is open only to trekkers and hikers.
Saiha (388 Km.) : With its picturesque landscape and the Chhimptuipui river rich in fish, Saiha is a paradise for anglers. 45 km. from Saiha is the
Lake Palak. Accom: Tourist Lodge (Mizoram Tourism), Saiha, Chhimtui Dist,
1) Phawngpui National Park – the Phawngpui Peak is located within this Park.
2) Murlen National Park (245 Km.)
3) Ngenpui Wildlife Sanctuary – situated in Lawngtlai District.
4) Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary – situated close to Murlen National Park.
5) Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary (101 Km.)
6) Palak Wildlife Sanctuary – located in Saiha District.
7) Dampa Tiger Reserve (127 Km.)
Nagaland, blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and an ideal destination for tourists, is bound by Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Assam in the north, Manipur in the south, Myanmar in the East and Assam in the west.
Situated at an altitude of 1495 metres, Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, is today, a pretty town growing into modern times. Kohima attracted world attention during the second world war in the battle of Kohima. It was here that the Indian army halted the advance of the Japanese forces invading India.
Area : 22.09 Sq.Km. Altitude : 1,444.12 Metres.
Temperature : Summer : Max: 31°C. Min: 16°C.
Winter : Max: 24°C. Min: 04°C.
Rainfall : 250 Cm. Season : October to May. STD Code : 0370
Air : The nearest airport, Dimapur (74 Km.) is connected with Kolkata and Guwahati.
Rail : The nearest railhead is Dimapur (74 Km.) on the North East Frontier Raillway connected through Guwahati to other centres in the country.
Road : Kohima is connected by motorable roads with Agartala 931 Km., Darjeeling 941 Km., Dimapur 74 Km., Gangtok 978 Km., Guwahati 364 Km., Imphal 142 Km., Itanagar 534 Km., Kaziranga 204 Km., Kolkata 1516 Km., Shillong 427 Km., Silchar 732 Km. State Transport operates buses to the district head-quarters and towns in the adjoining states.
Hotel Japfu,P.R. Hills,
Other Hotels
The tariff of the following hotels ranges from Rs. 275-700/- for a double room.
Capital Hotel, Near N.S.T. Complex, Evergreen Hotel, N.S.T.,Lizuku Hotel, Near AOC; Oking Hotel, Near Mini Bus Station; Pine Hotel, Phoolbari, Hotel Regal, Near AO Church ; Sharon Hotel, New Market, Travel Lodge, below M.L.A. Hostel, Valley View Hotel, Old N.S.T. Road, Viva Hotel, Near B.O.C.; West Inn Hotel, Old N.S.T. Road and Hotel West View, Opp. NST Bus Stand.

Other Accommodation
(1)Tourist Lodge, New Minister Hill,
(2) VIP Guest House, Old Ministers Hill
(3) M.L.A. Hostel,

Cathedral : It is one of the biggest cathedrals in the north eastern region and an important landmark of Kohima.
Kohima Village : Considered to be the second largest village in Asia, the village has traditional Naga Homes built on hill tops, well fortified with stone walls.
The State Museum: A place filled with dioramas showing the lifestyles of the many individual tribes of Nagas.Time:1000-1500 hrs. (Closed on Sundays and holidays).
War Cemetery: The Kohima War Cemetery, serene and beautiful is dedicated to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives in the battle of Kohima, where the British halted the advance of the Japanese forces in April 1944.
Zoological Park : A glimpse of the rich flora and fauna of Nagaland is found in the zoological park at Kohima.
Japfu Peak (15 Km.) : At an altitude of 3043 metres, Japfu is the 2nd highest peak in the state. It offers a breathtaking view of the distant snow clad Himalayan ranges and boasts of having the tallest rhododendron, over 130 ft. in height.
Khonoma Village (20 Km.) : Khonoma Village is famous for the valour and courage of its people in the past. Today the village is known for its terracing cultivation on the hill slopes and for the conservation of rare and endangered species of plants and animals.
Dzukou Valley (30 Km.) : At an altitude of 2438 mts., behind the Japfu Peak, the valley is sheathed with an evergreen cane peculiar to the region. Rhododendrons and a number of wild flowers, herbs and plants adorn the valley during the monsoon.
Dzulekie (40 Km.) : Dzulekie presents a majestic view. The Dzulekie stream flows through a deep and narrow gorge and a rare variety of rainbow trout can be seen in the stream. Accom : Tourist Rest House Resvn. Director (Tourism), Govt. of Nagaland.
Tuophema Village (41 Km.) : It is known for the Tourist Village that has been developed and maintained by the village community.
Poilwa (52 Km.) : A Zeliang tribe village where one can see remnants of the traditional culture of Morung or the boys’ dormitory.
Tseminyu (55 Km.) : Home of the Rengma Tribe, it is situated at an altitude of 1442 mtrs. It is known for “Ngada” the popular festival celebrated in November every year.
Pfutsero (70 Km.) : This is the highest and coldest town in Nagaland and is famous for its green vegetables and apple ochards.
Wokha (80 Km.) : A picturesque town, Wokha is surrounded by eye-catching hilltop villages. It is inhabited by the colourful Lotha Tribes and is famous for its fruits and vegetables. Accom :Tourist House (Nagaland Tourism), PWD Guest House, Hotel Fab, Police Point ; Hotel Saxon, N.S.T. Colony,
Mount Totsu (80 Km.) : Mount Totsu is an ideal place for trekking and rock climbing.
Mount Tiyi (95 Km.) : Rare varieties of orchid and rhododendron are found on the cliffs and steep slopes of the Mount. The mountain peak offers a panoramic view of the valley down below and trekking/rock climbing to the top is an adventurous experience.
Longkhum (143 Km.) : At an altitude of 1846 mts., Longkhum is believed to be the final resting place of the dead, before their final journey. The village is also known for its exquisite handicraft and handloom items.
Phek (145 Km.) : Home to the Chakhesang tribes with different customs & traditions as compared to the other Naga tribes, ‘Phek’ is also the home of the rare ‘Blythe's Tragopan’ birds and a variety of orchids. Accom: Circuit House,
Zunheboto (150 Km.) : Spread out on a cluster of hillocks inhabited by the Semas, the martial race among the Naga tribes.The Sema tribes are renowned for their colourful war dance and folk songs. Accom: Circuit House,
Near Zunheboto is the Ghosu Bird Sanctuary, maintained by the village community.
Mokokchung (162 Km.) : This picturesque town is the cultural centre of the Ao Nagas. The festivals of the Ao Nagas, ‘Moatsu’ and 'Tsungremmong’ are celebrated here during the first week of May and August respectively. Accom : Circuit House,
Places of interest around Mokokchung include Ungma, Langpangkong Caves & Molung.
Kiphere (254 Km.) : It is the home of Sangtams, Yimchungers and Sema tribes. The highest peak of Nagaland, Saramati (3877 metres) is situated here.
Tuensang (269 Km.) : Situated at a height of 1372 metres, it is inhabited by six different tribes and reflects the rich cultural heritage of these tribes. Accom : Circuit House, PWD Rest house.
Shilloi Lake (300 Km.) : It is the biggest lake in Nagaland, in the shape of a foot print.
Mon (354 Km. via Dimapur and 275 Km. via Mokokchung) : The district headquarters, located at an altitude of 897.64 mts. And home of the Konyak Nagas, who are expert wood carvers. Accom: Circuit House,
Places of interest around Mon include the Veda Peak, Chuil, Naganimora and Longwa, Chui and Shangnyu villages.
Dimapur derives its name from the river Dimasa which flows through it. The town was the capital of Kachari rulers in the medieval times. It has an airport and a railway station which serves as a nodal point for visiting other places in Nagaland.
Area : 18.13 Altitude : 126 metres.
Temperature : Summer Max: 36°C. Min: 14.9°C.
Winter Max: 22.7°C. Min: 6.3°C.
Rainfall : October to April. STD Code : 03862.
Air : Dimapur is connected with Kolkata and Guwahati.
Rail : Dimapur is on the North East Frontier Railway and has rail connections with Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati and Tinsukia.
Road : Dimapur is connected by motorable roads with Guwahati 292 Km, Imphal 216 Km, Kaziranga 155 Km, Kohima 74 km, Kolkata 1442 Km, Mokokchung via Mariani 208 Km., Shillong 356 Km.
Hotel City Towers,Near Over Bridge, Nagi Hotel, Kohima Road,Hotel Saramati,Naga Shopping Arcade, Tragopan Hotel,Circular Road,

Other Hotels
Amber Hotel, Golaghat Road,
Hotel Chang Sang, Near Telegraph Office;
Hotel Down Town, Nagarjan Road ;
North East Hotel, Fres Lane ;
N.S.T. Hotel, N.S.T. Bus Stand ;
Orient Hotel, Kohima Road ;
Hotel Senti, Near Over Bridge,;
Siddharth Hotel,;
Soha Hotel, Dhobinala ;
Valley View Hotel, Golaghat Road .

Other Accommodation
(1) Tourist Lodge,Near N.S.T.Bus Stand,.
(2) Circuit House. Resvn: A.D.C. Dimapur.
(3) PWD Rest House. Resvn : Exec. Engineer, PWD, Dimapur.
(4) Youth Hostel, Dimapur,.
The relics of the Kachari Kingdom are the main attraction for tourists. These relics are being maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. Amongst other places of interest for tourists are the Ruth’s and Haralu emporia where one can see women weaving exquisite Naga shawls on traditional looms.
Intangki Wild Life Sanctuary (37 Km.) : The sanctuary is habitat of animals like elephants, sambars, barking deer, leopards, tigers, sloth bears, rhesus monkeys, wild boars, ghorals, flying squirrels, wild dogs, civet cats, hoolock and wild mithuns, etc. Some rare species of birds are also found here. Accom: Forest Rest House.
Liphanyan Governor’s Camp (43 Km.) : Situated at the foothills it offers a splendid view of the river Doyang. It is an ideal spot for rafting, angling, picnics and river camping.
Peren (76 Km.) : Situated at an altitude of 1446 metres it is the homeland of the Zeliang and Kuki tribes. The place is famous for the Zeliang dance.
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
E-mail :
A former princely state, Tripura is located in the extreme south-west corner of the North Eastern region. It is bound on the north, south-east and south-west by Bangladesh and in the east by Assam and Mizoram.
There are no entry formalities for foreign or domestic tourists to visit Tripura.

Agartala, the capital of the state of Tripura, gained prominence when Maharaja Krishna Kishore Manikya shifted his capital from old Agartala to the present site, in the 19th century. The city is picturesque with low-lying hills on three sides and plains open to adjoining Bangladesh. A number of lakes in different parts of the city add to the attraction of Agartala.
Area : 10,492 Sq.Km. (Tripura State) Altitude : 1280 Metres.
Temperature : Summer Max: 35 Deg.C. Min: 24 Deg.C.
Winter Max: 27 Deg.c. Min: 13 Deg..C.
Rainfall : 234.4 mm (June to August) STD Code : 0381.
Air : Agartala is connected by Indian Airlines flights with Kolkata and Guwahati.
Rail : The nearest railhead is Kumarghat 140 Km, connected with Guwahati via Lumding.
Road : Good motorable roads connect Agartala with Aizawl 321 Km., Darjeeling 1186
Km., Delhi 2761 Km., Dibrugarh 1008 Km., Dimapur 843 Km., Gangtok 1223 Km., Guwahati 599 Km., Imphal 538 Km., Itanagar 983 Km., Kohima 683 Km , Kolkata 1645 Km., Shillong 499 Km. & Silchar 317 Km.
The Director of Tourism, Govt. of Tripura, Gandhi Ghat, Agartala,
operates the following tours:
Places Covered                                                                      Fare
Agartala – Kamalasagar – Sepahijala and back                    Rs.40/- per head.
Agartala – Sepahijala – Neermahal and back                        Rs. 48/- per head.
Agartala – Sepahijala - Bhuvaneshwari Temple                    Rs.52/- per head.
- Matabari and back.
Agartala – Neermahal – Matabari and back.                         Rs.62/- per head.
Agartala – Kamalasagar – Neermahal and back                   Rs. 52/- per head.
Agartala – Jampui and back (2 nights halt)                            Rs.215/- per head.
Agartala – Unakoti – Jampui and back (2nights halt)            Rs.255/- per head.
Agartala – Matabari – Dumboor and back (1 night halt)        Rs.105/- per head.
(Rates are inclusive of Transportation, Guide Fee and Service Charges)
For Reservation Ph. (0240) 2371527, Cell : 9823883366 / 9422291527
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The tarriff of the following hotels ranges from Rs.150/- to Rs.400/- for a single room and from Rs.250/- to Rs. 650/- for a double room :
Hotel Amber, Sakuntala Road,
Central Guest House,
Central Road;
Deep Guest House,
L.N. Bari Hotel;
Hotel Executive Inn,
Hotel Galaxy Inn, Melarmath,;
Hotel Haven,
H.G.B. Road,
Hotel Janata,
Kaman Chowmuhani;
Hotel Longtrai,
Hotel Minakshi,
Hawker’s, Corner Road,
Hotel Radha International,
Central Road;
Rajarshi Hotel,
Rajdhani Hotel,
B.K. Road,
Hotel Ritz,
Hariganga Basak Road;
Royal Guest House, Palace Ground;
Hotel Star;
Tripura Guest House, Mantri Bari Road,
Hotel Welcome Palace,
Other Accommodation
Saheed Bhagat Singh Youth Hostel, Circuit House, Kunjaban, PWD Dak Bungalow.
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Buddha Vihar (Benuvan Vihar): A small shrine preserving some beautiful Burmese metal idols of Lord Buddha and Bodhisatvas.
Kunjaban Palace: Built as a private retreat by Maharaja Birendra Kishore Manikya, on a picturesque hillock in 1917, the palace today is the official residence of the Governor of the state of Tripura.
Maharaja Bir Bikram College: Situated on a hillock, beside a lake, this beautiful college building was designed by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya.
Malanchabas : Adjacent to the Kunjaban Palace, Malanchabas was formerly an ordinary bungalow where Rabindranath Tagore stayed during his visit to Tripura in 1919.
Old Agartala: 8 kms. from the main city and the former capital of the state. The Royal Palace at Old Agartala is now in ruins. Old Agartala is famous for the ritual worship of the fourteen presiding deities of the royal house in the “Chaturdasa Devta” temple. The fourteen gods and goddesses, described collectively as the ‘Chaturdas’ Devta are represented by their heads only.
Purbasha (Tripura Handicraft and Handloom Dev.Corpn.): The showroom here is a treasure house of handlooms, wood carvings and a wonderful display of stools, chairs,
screens, baskets and wall plaques made of bamboo and cane. One can also observe craftsmen at work in large sheds here.
State Museum: It has on display some of the rarest stone images, old coins, Bengal Kanthans and archaeological findings from Tripura and adjoining areas. Also interesting are the life size portraits of the former rulers of Tripura.
Timings: 1000 hrs. to 1700 hrs. (Closed on Sundays & holidays).
Sukanta Academy : A science museum located in the heart of the capital, this academy also has a small planetarium within the complex.
Ujjayanta Palace: Spread over an area of one, this mighty palace was built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in the Indo-sarasenic style during 1899-1901. The ceiling, carved doors, water pools, fountains, tiled floors, reflect the grandeur of the bygone age. This sprawling palace, now houses the State Legislative Assembly.
Kamala Sagar (27 Km.) : It was excavated by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya in the 15th century. Close to the lake, on top of a hillock, is the famous Kamalasagar Kali Temple, dating back to the 16th century.
Accommodation : Comilla View Tourist Lodge (Govt. of Tripura).
Brahmamkunda (45 Km.) : Lying to the north of Agartala, this shrine of is famous for its colourful fairs held every year in the months of March, April and November. The deity installed in the temple is said to be over 90 years old.
Udaipur (55 Km.) : This small town was once the seat of the ancient rulers of Tripura. Udaipur is known for the Tripura Sundari Temple, believed to be one of the holiest Hindu shrines in this part of the country. Popularly known as Matabari, it is one of the 51 pithas recorded in the Puranas. Other important temples, visited by thousands of devotees are the Temple of Lord Jagannath, built in the late 19th century and a rare specimen of temple architecture in Tripura, the Bhubaneshwari temple, the Gunabati group of temples and Madhav Bari. Badar Mokam is a holy place for both, Hindus and Muslims.

Accommodation :
(1) Matabari Panthaniwas (Govt. of Tripura), Near Matabari, Udaipur,
(2) Gomati Yatri Niwas (Govt. of Tripura).

Rudrasagar Lake & Neer Mahal (56 Km.) : Neer Mahal or the “Water Palace” is a palace in the midst of the vast Rudrasagar Lake. The palace encircled by well laid flower gardens was a summer resort of the Maharaja. The water area of Rudrasagar is about 5.3 and rears a good stock of fish. The lake is also visited by thousands of migratory birds during winter. Facilities for boating and water sports are available.
Accommodation : Sagar Mahal Tourist Lodge (Govt. of Tripura), Rudrasagar Lake
Deotamura (75 Km.) : Also known as 'The Peak of the Gods', Deotamura is situated on the banks of the river Gomati, between Udaipur and Amarpur. Huge carved images of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu, Kartika, Durga and other Gods and Godesses can be seen here. These images date back to the 15th and 16th centuries.
Accommodation : Raima Tourist Lodge (Govt. of Tripura), Jatanbari..
Pilak (100 Km.) : An eighth century archaeological site, Pilak has to its credit a large number of stone images and terracotta temple plaques, dating back to the 8th & 9th centuries.
Accommodation : Pilak Pantha Niwas (Govt. of Tripura), Bagafa.
Dumboor Lake (110 Km.) : This lake has a water surface of 41 sq. km. with around 48 islands on it. The lake is the confluence of the rivers Raima and Sarma.
Accommodation : Raima Tourist Lodge (Govt. of Tripura), Jatanbari.
Unakoti (175 Km.) : A Saiva pilgrimage spot dating back to 8th and 9th centuries. Rock cut figures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are found on the rocky wall of the hill.
Accommodation: (1) Uttarmegh Tourist Lodge (Govt. of Tripura), Dharmanagar.
(2) Uttarayan Panthanivas (Govt. of Tripura), Kumarghat (36 Km.).
Jampui (250 Km.) : Situated at an altitude of 3000 feet/ 1000 metres, Jampui is an attractive tourist spot, commanding a breath taking view of the scenic surroundings.
Accommodation : Eden Tourist Lodge (Govt. of Tripura), Vangmun, Jampui Hills.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary (35 Km. from Agartala)
Covering an area of 18.53, it has a rich collection of wildlife, particularly of birds and primates. There are as many as 150 species of resident birds here, in addition to the migratory birds that visit the sanctuary during winter.The sanctuary has been conceived as both a wildlife sanctuary as well as an academic and research centre. There is a zoo, botanical garden, parks, toy train, lakes and a training institute, which offers an excellent scope for study.
Accommodation : Abasarika Forest Bungalow. Resvn: Chief Conservator of Forest, Agartala,
Gomti Wildlife Sanctuary (110 Km. from Agartala)
Spread over 389.54, this sanctuary in South Tripura District is home to the elephant, bison, sambar, barking deer, wild goat, etc. Adjoining the sanctuary is a vast water reservoir which attracts many resident and migratory water birds.
Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary (200 Km. from Agartala)
Situated in the North Tripura district, it is a small sanctuary with an area of 85 hectares and is one of the few remnants of the natural forests that are easily accessible to visitors. The sanctuary has more than 150 species of birds, wild beasts and primates and presents ample scope for study by botanists.
Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary ( 100 Km. from Agartala)
Situated in South Tripura district, the sanctuary with an area of 197.7 has patches of virgin forests which are rich in rare vegetation. The Indian Gaur (bison) is an attraction of this sanctuary. In addition, there are varieties of birds, deer, Hoolock Gibbon, golden langur, capped langur, pheasants and other animals and reptiles.
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